Corbett Pension Reform ReReported From Human Services

HB 1353, the government  pension reform being pushed by Gov. Tom Corbett, was re-reported as committed from the Pennsylvania House Human Services Committee, yesterday, July 2.

The bill had been sent to the committee the day before on a 107-96 floor vote in a hope to kill it. All Democrats voted aye joined by 15 Republican backstabbers.

The move was orchestrated by Republican Gene DiGirolamo who represents the 18th District in Bucks County and chairs the Human Services Committee.

Shamefully joining him in the scheme were Delaware County Republicans Steve Barrar of the 160th District and Nicholas Miccarelli III of the 162nd District.

HB 1353 would allow current state employees to keep their sweet defined-benefit pension plans but place new workers in a 401 (k) type defined contribution plan.

Pennsylvania’s pension systems are $50 billion in debt. If the Republican-controlled legislature can’t get this small but necessary step taken towards fixing Pennsylvania’s financial problem any small sliver of hope Corbett has towards re-election vanishes as does fixing Pennsylvania’s financial problem.


Corbett Pension Reform ReReported From Human Services

Corbett Pension Reform ReReported From Human Services


3 thoughts on “Corbett Pension Reform ReReported From Human Services”

  1. Let’s term limits these selfish clowns. Let’s get their snouts out of the trough.

      1. They can’t even bring themselves to get out of the booze business. Sell the damn state stores.

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