Delco Dems Duck Debate

The Democrat Delaware County Council candidates are ducking a long-scheduled debate. Delco Dems Duck Debate

The debate, moderated by the League of Women Voters,  was scheduled for 5:30 this afternoon (Oct. 20) at Neumann University.

The Dems had negotiated terms and confirmed their attendance, says Delco GOP Boss Andy Reilly said.

At no point during the month long planning process did the Democratic candidates raise any concerns about the issues that prompted their abrupt withdrawal from the forum, Reilly said.

“Voters will not get to hear Sharon Booker try to spin her tax hike on working families — her first act as a Sharon Hill councilwoman. Voters won’t hear Christine Reuther’s excuses for why she raised taxes nearly 25% in Nether Providence. And they won’t hear Richard Womack try to justify his support for tax increases on the middle class as a commissioner in Darby,”  Reilly said.

This is  the second straight County Council election where Democrats refused to participate in a League of Women Voters debate with the Republican candidates, having refused to participate in 2013 as well.

“The Delco Dems owe an apology to the League of Women Voters who worked to put together tonight’s debate, and they owe an apology to Delaware County voters for their refusal to come clean about their own records,” said Reilly.

Great point, Andy.  The Dems ducking this debate  should disqualify any thinking person from voting for them.

Forgive us for loving the irony though.

The Republican slate is John P. McBlain,  Colleen P. Morrone and
Mike Culp, all of whom are incumbents and not afraid to defend their records.

Election Day is Nov. 3.

The Delaware County Democrat Committee, has confirmed the debate is cancelled.

Delco Dems Duck Debate

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