Mullen Ducks Debates Officially

Mullen Ducks Debates Officially
Lisa Esler says she will take question at a public forum Aug. 2.
Mullen Ducks Debates Officially
Leanne Krueger-Braneky says she will take questions at a public forum Aug. 2.

It’s official as per Kristina Scala’s story in today’s (July 28) Delaware County Daily Times: Paul Mullen is ducking all debates regarding the Aug. 4 special election for the vacant 161st District Pennsylvania State House seat.

He says it’s because of a scheduling conflict.

Mullen Ducks Debates Officially
Oh no, the big, tough, union guy is hiding. Is he afraid of the girls?

We think it’s because he doesn’t want to explain why he would keep his $130,000 salary as business manager of Local 654 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers while taking a $85,356 salary as a Pennsylvania legislator, and why exactly he quit Keith Crego’s Penn Delco School Board in July 2007 five months after his appointment.

For what it’s worth, Lisa Esler, the Republican write-in candidate, says she will work to end the automatic pay increases, which require no vote to take effect, and, in fact, try to cut legislative salaries. She also said she will not take a pension.

Mrs. Esler, and Leanne Krueger-Braneky, the official Democrat, will appear together, at a forum   2 to 4 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 2 at Swarthmore Borough Hall, 121 Park Ave sponsored by Delco Debates.

Mullen had been supporting Democrats in state and national races until tapped by the county GOP last May.

Mullen Ducks Debates Officially

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  1. Well, for public consumption it’s all about scheduling conflicts. Why the Delco GOP would endorse a man who can’t be in the same room with two women and hold his own is really quite astonishing. This man is supposed to be running to represent thousands of people–and he can’t express himself in a candidate forum before a handful of those people? But then the Party Chair was only too happy to step in and be his surrogate on at least one occasion–maybe Andy Reilly is planning to continue on in that role and tell Mullen what to do. Incredible that a man who comes off in an interview as “indifferent” to the issues facing his district was the best the Delco GOP could do.

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