Toomey Slammed For Mullen Endorsement

Sen. Pat Toomey is getting slammed by the people he is going to need next year for his endorsement in the 161st District house seat special election of the union boss who campaigned hard against him five years ago (and campaigned even harder against Republican Tom McGarrigle last fall.) Toomey Slammed For Mullen Endorsement

“We have come to expect the state Republican Party to offer an endorsement to anyone with an “R” behind their name. However, for Senator Toomey to offer his support to a candidate who would undoubtedly support the same types of policies he railed against when he challenged Specter and other big government Republicans as head of Club for Growth is beyond disappointing.says Leo Knepper of Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania in a column that can be found here. 

It’s worth a read. The traditional Republican in the race is Penn Delco School Director Lisa Esler who is running a write-in campaign that is getting much traction. The election is Aug. 4.

Toomey Slammed For Mullen Endorsement

One thought on “Toomey Slammed For Mullen Endorsement”

  1. So while Toomey keeps pushing his bi-partisan support of everything under the sun, today he teamed up with another Dem pal to write an article about pedophiles in the classroom. Surely he has to know that the same PSEA that endorsed Paul Mullen along with him is the local branch of the same union that protects bad teachers no matter what. So does he really believe that Mullen will fight the PSEA on anything? They are sure to get involved in anything that gives school administrators or boards the authority to fire teachers. I’d suggest that Senator Toomey needs to make a decision about who and what he truly supports. It has become crystal clear this week where his loyalty lies–and it’s not with his former supporters.

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