Delco Poll Watcher Sign Up Info

Delco Poll Watcher Sign Up Info From Joy Schwartz

This email is to help you to obtain a poll watcher certificate and additional highly recommended poll watcher training, provided by the dynamic election training duo, Karen Fritz and Karen Elliot, of DelCo Conservatives. Along with Chris Fabre, they will assist you in getting poll watcher certificates and observer approvals. Poll watchers watch the election in the precincts and need a certificate. They can watch at any precinct in Delaware county. In order for a poll watcher to be able to observe at the Wharf Central Counting Center, that person also needs to be designated and approved as a observer. Karen F and Karen E will be offering more poll watcher/observer classes prior to the election. As soon as possible, I will send out another email with times and locations for those meetings. This process is a bit confusing but they will guide you through it.  Karen Elliott and Chris Fabre will be getting certificates (for poll watchers) and approvals (for observers) for people if they sign up here as soon as possible:

1. Poll watcher – Under “choose an option ” click “Poll watcher”.  If you do not need observer approval, write that in the comments as Karen Elliot usually gets both for each person.  Sign up here only if you are NOT getting a poll watcher certificate elsewhere.  Attached is a list of poll watching places that were unreconcilable in the May 2022 primary, these are critical to staff with poll watchers. If you are willing to work at any of them, let Karen E or Karen F know, or notify the agency that is getting your certificate so they can assign you to a candidate that is running in that area.   

2. Observer – Under “choose an option” click “observer”.  If you are already getting your poll watcher certificate elsewhere, write in the comments- “observer only- poll watcher certificate applied for elsewhere” so there aren’t duplicates.  Please note that as an observer you don’t get a physical certificate, just your name on a list, so Karen E or Chris F will notify you when it’s ready.  Karen Fritz will be scheduling the observers, so she will contact everyone that signs up on this site to schedule shifts. 

By the way, the DelCo Board of Elections will not release the certificates or approval lists until Nov. 2.  If you signed up, you should be hearing from Karen E, Karen F, or Chris F soon after that, but before Election Day. For both poll watchers and observers, only one volunteer / candidate can be present at a time.  This year votes will be counted around the clock at the Wharf Vote Counting Center, so there will be a lot of shifts available. 

Delco Poll Watcher Sign Up Info

One thought on “Delco Poll Watcher Sign Up Info”

  1. Now is the time for all good Patriots to come to the aid of their country.

    We need every single precinct covered and no breaks in the continuity of observers. We also need brave folks to camp out at these drop boxes so no nefarious shenanigans occur.

    This is our election to lose and we will lose if we sit back and think someone else is going to save the day. You who are reading this, and I are the only ones who will save the day by doing the work ourselves. Self governance. Period.

    Too many have gone before us and left us such an amazing legacy and too many yet to be are counting on us to secure the Blessings of Liberty for future generations.

    This simply cannot and will not be the generation that allows our freedoms to be taken from us. Stay the course. Keep the Faith. Hold the line.

    United, We stand!

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