Dinesh Warns Of FBI Provocateurs And Google

Dinesh Warns Of FBI Provocateurs And Google –Dinesh D’Souza’s podcast, yesterday, Nov. 17, described the FBI’s infiltration into organizations involved in the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol, very possibly as provocateurs, and noted that Google has been objectively shown to successfully manipulate our elections.

Anyone planning demonstrations regarding the obvious failings of this last election or sex trafficking or our porous border, be wary of anyone dressed in over-the-top MAGA wear.

Or anyone wearing khakis and masks.

Regarding Google, D’Souza referenced the work of Dr. Robert Epstein, who had been one of the most prominent psychologists before being largely disappeared for wrong-think.

Dinesh Warns Of FBI Provocateurs And Google
Not Trump supporters

Epstein says Google manipulated at least 2.6 million votes towards Hillary Clinton in 2016 and that it has gotten worse.

We’ve written about him along with award-winning journalist Michealene Risley whose terrifying Big Tech tale should make all shudder.

Yes, Michealene, your words ring true and “they can’t kill us all” should be our motto.

If one is still using Google, fill a bucket with ice water and stick your head into it. Keep it there until you realize that both are equally stupid things to do.

Even Bing is better than Google. We’ve gone back to DuckDuckGo despite its sinning. We’ve used Brave as our default search engine for several months but found its findings to be lacking so we have returned to the Duck.

The Brave browser is excellent and that remains what we use.

If one can’t use DDG on principle consider Qwant or Ecosia or the Brave SE, for that matter, albeit we weren’t happy with it.

D’Souza also said his 2000 Mules documentary is being translated into German as that nation is experiencing massive election fraud. A German court just ordered Berlin, which besides being a city is also a German state, to redo its elections because of events that are not that much different that what is happening in Arizona.

He also noted the millions of Brazilians protesting its just ended election which saw a globalist return to power. Their objections are not unfounded. The nation’s Supreme Court has ordered the bank accounts of businessman supporting the protests to be blocked. It would be as if our Court ordered Coca-Cola to have its funds frozen for supporting those demonstrating the death of George Floyd.

If one is interested into dipping one’s toe into Bitcoin check out Binance.us.

Dinesh Warns Of FBI Provocateurs And Google

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  1. So sad how everything has turned to so much theft, corruption and lies. I hope the county in Arizona does get the Military to run another election, there was so much corruption. I was just reading that all the money being sent to the Nazi run Ukraine has been back loaded into crypt o currency and funded the Democrats in this last election and paid many more?? What’s true and what isn’t anymore? We all need to fight this and get truth and good law and order back, real judges not the traitors who take money to judge things wrong or just not take real fraud cases. There is so much damage done to our countries can we ever get it fixed?

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