Ex-Californians Like Texas

Ex-Californians Like Texas  — In the last five years, 150,000 Californians have moved to Texas.  Of course, a lot more Mexicans than that have moved to California some wag might note. Still, Texas has gained 400,000 jobs while California has lost 640,000, and the Lone Star State was responsible for 47 percent of national job growth.

By the way, Louisiana, which despite having had a conservative reputation was in the Democratic pocket at the state-level until Katrina, has since the hurricane and the ensuing fiscal conservative Republican — note the fiscal conservative part, Gov. Corbett — takeover has dropped from 47th to 13th in the Chief Executive rankings as to best states in which to do business.

For the record, Pennsylvania ranks 43rd on the list. Hey, look at the bright side: it beats New Jersey (45th) and New York (49th)

Hat tip Chuck Martini


Ex-Californians Like Texas

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