Failed Presidents Cuddle On Presidents’ Day

Failed Presidents Cuddle On Presidents’ Day

By Maria Kay Fotopoulos

In 100 years, assuming truth prevails as the standard in history and life, hopefully an historian, in writing about the failed Biden presidency of 2021 to ????, tells the story of how an 80-year-old mentally decrepit president chose to fly to the Ukraine on Presidents’ Day.

Again, depending on what prevails in 100 years, the historian might have to remind the reader of what Presidents’ Day is (or was) – a day to commemorate the lives of former U.S. presidents (not foreign presidents). It was the first federal holiday, designated in celebration of the first U.S. president, George Washington. Over time, the day centered around Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Failed Presidents Cuddle On Presidents' Day

But Biden, and his minions or masters (it’s unclear how things are managed in this installed regime), chose not to honor those who came before, but to take the day to fly 4,864 miles across the pond to honor another country’s president. Biden made an appearance as second banana to Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, the actor, and talented piano man who plays with his penis, another installed president, this one of the Ukraine, a man likely unknown to 99 percent of Americans until the U.S. proxy war ensued in 2022 with the Ukraine and Russia.

Now, who doesn’t know the man named Time’s Man, uh, sorry, Person of the Year? Zelenskyy is the media darling, who manages to always find time in his war-time schedule to make appearances at the Golden Globe AwardsCannes Film FestivalGrammy’sUnited Nations and with the leadership of various countries that support this disaster and devastation in the Ukraine, usually demanding more money to destroy his country and the citizens, as he makes references to a coming WWIII. And, Zelenskyy does it all with only one change of clothes!

When Zelenskyy isn’t making virtual appearances at high-profile events, he’s at them in spirit, for instance at the 2022 Oscars. The ever-dramatic and overwrought actor Sean Penn actually gave his Oscar to Zelenskyy. Drama queen to drama queen.

At the most recent photo opp on Monday, Biden fell short of pulling out an oversized check prop showing $500,000,000, made out to Zelenskyy, or kneeling at the feet of Zelenskyy, but he may as well have. America is not bound to the non-NATO country of Ukraine by treaty, and we’re most certainly not “fighting for Democracy” there, despite the massive messaging campaign – heck, much of current U.S. “leadership” doesn’t even support the idea here at home. Yet, we’ve handed over more than $100,000,000,000 (and more going back to 2004) to the Ukraine and now to the man who played a president on TV – and then became the president, heading a party named after the TV show, “Servant of the People.” Additionally, as we hear repeatedly from Biden, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby and others, the checking account from the U.S. for the Ukraine has an unlimited balance.

If it appears like we’re living a movie or TV plot, it may be we are. Shades of “Wag the Dog,” “Argo” and “BrainDead,” with some “Dr. Strangelove” thrown in.

The Ukraine may serve some purpose for the busy dark forces in the U.S. that we peasants may never be able to even imagine. While that might have sounded like “crazy talk” a few years ago, not so much now. Maybe the very bad, greedy and corrupt are in charge – those who want to destroy Russia and carve her up for her resources – or maybe there are bigger forces at play. I talk with more and more people who frame what’s being played out as something of more epic proportions – something Biblical – a good vs. evil battle. Whatever the case, we regular folks are on edge, because we don’t really know what’s going on.

One of the most important underpinnings to a functioning United States has been journalism and the practitioners of it committed to one thing – the truth. That’s dead amongst the big players. Since we now have a failed Fourth Estate, it’s difficult to get to truth. What’s really happening? Who the f _ _ _ knows! Is Biden really a Manchurian candidate? Who is actually calling the shots? How come there’s barely a breath of an anti-war movement in America now? Why do so many Americans apparently no longer care that people are dying for no reason?

To sift through the tons of propaganda and ferret out real news is a major workout. Few citizens have the time for that.

A year into the Ukrainian shit-show, there’s essentially no on-the-ground reporting. While, for instance, FOX was on the ground early on with regular reporting, that quickly got the kibosh. We see stories that the mainstream media works to slap down hard – reports of bio labs, money laundering, corruption, nazis and plans long in the making to destroy Russia, driven by the Wicked Victoria Nuland, the U.S. under secretary for political affairs with the State Department, and a long-time hand in the Ukraine, well-versed in colour revolutions. Nuland pretty much stays out of public view, except when called in for the Congressional hearing here and there, where she drops a bomb or two.

A lot of theater. But we want theater to actually be theater, as in entertainment only. We don’t want this madness to be reality and in our actual lives!

A brief note on the corruption. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world – human trafficking, drugs and money laundering. And, the Biden family has dipped their toes in it. That Hunter Biden – son of the U.S. president – received $50,000 a month, for no particular skillset, from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma stinks to high heaven on the face of it. What better way to get access to Joe, and funnel money to him, than through his drug-addicted, amoral son. And we can’t forget Uncle Joe’s direct action when, as vice president of the U.S., he strongarmed Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in March 2016 to fire a prosecutor, whose investigations were about to include Hunter Biden. Hrrrrm.

The game is afoot, Watson!”

Biden is either so daft or so beyond any comprehension, after a lifetime of lies, of right and wrong that he bragged about putting the hammer to Poroshenko at a Council of Foreign Relations gathering, two years after the deed.

That Biden chose to go to the Ukraine on a day he should have been in his own country is probably not surprising then. There’s money to be made and plunder to be done in the Ukraine. Must have priorities. Biden has spent more time in the Ukraine than in the crisis zones of the U.S. – the southwest border where more than 5 million illegal aliens have been allowed to cross in a tsunami and, now, the environmental and health crisis in East Palestine, Ohio, a community of 4,700.

For as bad a form as it was on Monday that Biden shunned his own country by failing to commemorate those who came before him, that he went on a European tour without having traveled to East Palestine in a show of support – and with actual support – for the residents who are suffering there is an affront to every American citizen.

On 3 February, a Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed. Among the chemicals were butyl acrylate, which can cause eye, respiratory and skin irritation, and the carcinogenic vinyl chloride. A decision was made to burn the chemicals, thus releasing more toxic material into the air. Could this turn out to be one of the worst environmental disasters in recent U.S. history? Could be, but no one is on the job to tell us. It took Biden’s people two weeks to even put out any statement, and as of 22 February, Biden had made no direct statement, according to a Newsweek report. The mayor, many in the community and many across the country were appalled by the unpresidential behavior of the sitting president of the United States. More abdication of duty.

Likely former President Trump, if he were still in office, would have been onsite early. Unlike the man who holds the job now and his no-show transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg (who has to be sure he gets his personal time), President Trump did actually show up in Ohio. In addition to bringing water, Trump reassured the people of the community that “they were not forgotten.” The contrast between the competence of Trump and the unrivaled incompetence of Biden, Buttigieg, et al is, to say the least, stark.

Biden claimed he would be a “uniter,” but he’s in dereliction of duty in Ohio, at the border and in so many ways to the citizens he is supposed to be representing. Trump took Ohio in 2020 with 53 percent of the vote. Is Biden’s AWOL status in Ohio his payback to the people? That too would not be surprising, as Biden comes across as a mean and vengeful old man. “You cross me, man, why I’m going to throttle you!!!”

Biden has not been held to account for any of his many failures in his two years in office. He’s not going to straighten up and fly right now. Biden’s regime will continue to print money for the Ukraine and arms makers as fast as it can, with no end in sight, in line with Biden’s plan which has been revealed: Put America Last.

Maria Fotopoulos writes about the connection between overpopulation and biodiversity loss, and from time to time other topics that confound her. On FB @BetheChangeforAnimals. You can find her Substack here and other articles here.

Failed Presidents Cuddle On Presidents’ Day Failed Presidents Cuddle On Presidents’ Day Failed Presidents Cuddle On Presidents’ Day

2 thoughts on “Failed Presidents Cuddle On Presidents’ Day”

  1. Initially I thought the comment about the piano was a joke but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be. Take a look. And THIS is the man that we are giving billions of dollars to to fight his war??? Revolting!

    1. I know, it’s really looking like we had some pretty bad people making some pretty bad decisions.

      That Washington is egging on the fighting rather than seeking negotiating is mind-boggling for me since I grew up with the idea that “jaw jaw is better than war war”.

      How about we start by just asking what those in the Donbass want?

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