One thought on “Fotomat William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 9-24-18”

  1. Walgreen’s still develops film. I had an old Instamatic (remember that?) that I still used before I got a digital camera, and I found a film cartridge that I never had developed. Of course, I just asked them to put the pictures on a disk. But they did process the negatives, too.

    Up here, in Allentown, there was a Fotomat at 15th and Adams Streets. When Fotomat went out of business, the old booth was used by an enterprising hoagie vendor as a drive-up location. It was a hot dog stand, and then it was used by Vince’s, our version of Pat’s Steaks. He has a lunch counter, but made that his remote location. I thought that was clever use of the old facility.

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