Sharyn Bovat Says Senator Feinstein Enabled Sex Attack

Sharyn Bovat is revealing on YouTube that she was molested in 1990 by a major donor of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and that Feinstein enabled the attack and helped cover it up.

We find her very credible.

Watch it below.

Sharyn Bovat Says Senator Feinstein Enabled Sex Attack
Sharyn Bovat
My friend Dianne would never do such a thing!!!!

16 thoughts on “Sharyn Bovat Says Senator Feinstein Enabled Sex Attack”

    1. How DARE you question this woman! Don’t you know she’s a VICTIM!! You have no RIGHT cast aspersions !!!! Crawl back to your cave Neanderthal.

    2. You know, she has a very good point about Jim Jones.

      The connection between Jones and DiFi –and other Bay Area progressives — is something that is swept under the rug.

      Regarding 1990, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she meant 1980.

      Regardless, her allegation against Feinstein is a whole lot more credible than the crap being thrown by Feinstein at Brett Kavanaugh.

      1. While your at it why not give her a break for being Robert Kennedy’s biological daughter, a CIA operative, the person who broke the story on Clinton’s e-mail..Oh remember she was actually a all girl hooked up with an Asian at Feinsteins party….

    3. Not only that but she is Robert Kennedy’s biological daughter, a CIA operative, the person who broke the story on Clinton’s e-mail..Oh remember she was actually a call girl hooked up with an Asian at Feinsteins party…. I can’t even remember some other laughable’s and I didn’t even do a deep search

      1. Oh, the “she’s crazy” excuse. Who is going to believe her because she’s crazy?? Are you saying crazy women can’t be molested? Put on that wife beater t-shirt and make the little lady get you a beer.

        Hey, the new standard, remember: All that counts is the allegation.

        She’s very credible now, LOL.

        BTW, she’s right about DiFi and the rest of the S.F establishment’s ties to Jim Jones, crazy as that might be.

      2. That’s so interesting “stamp!” I found so many huge gaping holes in Dr. – oops! Sorry, she’s actually not licensed – MS. Ford’s accusations. From the year when the remodeling took place, to the phony lie detector test which never even asked the most basic question at the core of this whole fiasco, “Did Brett Kavanaugh touch you in a way that you felt was a physical or sexual attack at ANY time in your life?” NOPE!! What does the polygraph exam released by attorney Katz show? Ford sat with an attorney prior to the polygraph and they both worked on writing up Ford’s story. The polygraph examiner then came in and conducted the test, with the only question even close to seeking the truth being, “Is the statement you have written true?” Well, I’m not surprised a question concerning a narrative that was written with the assistance of ANOTHER person didn’t cause her to spike the meter on the test. The truth is, Ford is sick. Very sick. She has perjured herself before Congress with her testimony. NOT including the lies and defamation of the innocent man she’s accused, she lied about her professional title, the reason and year the extra door was installed on the home, and unlike you, I did dig deep. Something this important deserves as much before judgment is made. I was falsely accused by a nutjob and she was only sentenced to 30 day in jail, while I was facing a MINIMUM of 5 years!!!! The prosecutor reminded me if this fact when she contacted me for my “victim impact statement.” She was rather angry at this crazy girl that tried to ruin me simply because I didn’t want to marry her after spending just 2 hours together. “It does irreparable harm to REAL victims and takes our time from actual victims. I wish the penalties were higher to deter other women from pulling this stunt, but they aren’t. That being said, I’d like to hear your feelings, how this impacted your life, and what you would prefer to happen,” said the prosecutor who presented the case. Unlike you, I have gone deep and I have the EVIDENCE – THE SMOKING GUN! I am getting it to the Senators and then I will provide it to the media. I shows this is about far more than a nominee for the Supreme Court. Feinstein has AGAIN used her position to try to enrich herself via stocks owned by her and her husband. Make no mistake, Feinstein led this whole op and the real goal for her is ousting the President or getting enough Dems in Congress so they can prevent RX prices from facing any regulation. It all ties in with a mutual friend of theirs who was also Ford’s boss at Stanford until very recently (or maybe he still is, but it’s difficult to find out as everything has been so scrubbed and Google (full disclosure: a number of Google executives have invested millions in this little company as well) has been pushing back on search results so hard that I was shocked at how real their actions really are and I no longer waste time on minor details the FBI will determine with little effort. Make no mistake – American men that still have their nuts are tired of this and this will be a much easier battle than all the wars we’ve always fought for American interests. If women want it all, have that too! Walk point bitch!!! See what an IED blowing your legs off feels like! That’s equality!

    4. My memory is OLD it was a seven….and the cost of the party was 100 for every year she lived: also. women in California always said they were younger than they really were but it could’ve been 57. My video was made because of the assault. My memories could be wrong but like I’ve said on my blogs I’m 85-90% right. Thank you for noticing it … Sharyn

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