Foxy Loxy’s Den And The National Academy

The National Academy of Sciences has in its official journal Proceedings
of the National Academy of Sciences,
  published a list
of 496 scientists whom it claims should not be believed on the subject of
global warming.  It includes people like Freeman DysonRoger Pielke, who may be the nation’s leading meteorologist; and William Happer, who saved the taxpayers from funding the Pons-Fleishmann cold fusion boondoggle.

If global warming were true those who claim to be acolytes would not be fudging data or squelching dissent. In fact they would be welcoming dissent in order to expose the flaws behind it. They would  have lifestyles mirroring their concerns to underline the severity of the crisis.

They would be demanding that CO2-emitting coal and natural gas power plants be replaced with CO2-free nuclear ones. They  would be screaming in opposition about the impending destruction of hydro-electric plants.

Of course they do fudge data, squelch dissent, live lives of large carbon footprints, oppose nuclear power and don’t object to the destruction of dams so the wise person should assume that AGW is BS.

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