Gale Spanks Smug Shapiro In Montco

Gale Spanks Smug Shapiro In Montco — Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale is proving himself to be what we need in government.

Gale Spanks Smug Shapiro In Montco
Joe Gale gave smug Josh Shapiro a solid spanking.

Gale is the mandated minority Republican on Montco’s Democrat-controlled Board of Commissioners.

He won election against the wishes of party leaders. He was unwilling to go along to get along in party politics and he’s doing same in county governance.

Gale last month revealed an apparent pay-to-play scheme regarding the North Hills Manor public housing project in Upper Dublin. He also noted that he wasn’t getting information about proposed legislation until just before the scheduled votes and criticized the well-paid county department heads.

Board Chairman Josh Shapiro tried to smugly give him a spanking at the Oct. 6 meeting. Gale took the switch from his hand and wiped the smirk right off the power-broker’s face.

You can watch it here.

Gale Spanks Smug Shapiro In Montco

One thought on “Gale Spanks Smug Shapiro In Montco”

  1. Mr Shapiro’s snickering is indicative of a disturbing trend by the so called ruling class who seem to despise a people’s candidate and the grassroots that truly represents self governance. Kudos to Mr Gale!

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