Pennrose Contributes, Wins Montco Bid

Pennrose Contributes, Wins Montco Bid
Joe Gale. This guy is a truth teller.

Pennrose Contributes, Wins Montco Bid –Democrat-controlled Montgomery County has awarded $1 million in housing grant funds for the North Hills Manor public housing project in Upper Dublin.

Pennrose Properties LLC is the county’s real estate development partner for the $16.5 million project. It beat five other developers for the bid.

Joe Gale, who is mandated minority member of the Montco commissioners, revealed this week that Race Street PAC, which is the political action committee for Pennrose, contributed $5,000 to the joint campaign of Valerie Arkoosh and Josh Shapiro. Ms. Arkoosh and Shapiro comprise the county Board of Commissioners Democrat majority. Shapiro has received a further $3,250 from the PAC since 2010.

Pennrose Contributes, Wins Montco Bid
Josh Shaprio. This guy is running for Pennsylvania attorney general as a Democrat.

Shapiro dismissed the connection claiming he merely wants to help the poor.

Claim that all you want Josh but this stinks. Of course, there are a lot of things that stink in this state.

Shapiro chairs the county’s Democrat Party and is Democrat candidate for Pennsylvania Attorney General on the Nov. 8 ballot.




Pennrose Contributes, Wins Montco Bid

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