Hanging Seditionists Upsets Twitter

Hanging Seditionists Upsets Twitter — Twitter gave me a “time out” for the below tweet. Was it for #BidenIsNotPresident or hanging seditionists?

What would you call those who orchestrate massive vote fraud starting well before the election as @mdeperno claims happened?

Why would the Twitter gang not want to hang these people?.

If it’s true, what punishment should they face?

These bastards want to see a teenager spend the rest of his life in prison for defending himself against a child molester and other woke scum, so it’s not as though they are soft-hearted.

I still don’t plan to quit it as I did Facebook. I find it strangely entertaining. I will wait for them to ban me completely.

Whatever you do, don’t share this post on Twitter as you might get into trouble.

Hanging Seditionists Upsets Twitter
Hanging Seditionists Upsets Twitter

3 thoughts on “Hanging Seditionists Upsets Twitter”

  1. Take it as a badge of honor that you got a “suspension.” I got a suspension for tweeting that Paul Krugman must never have seen “Tropic Thunder.” If he had, he’d never have “gone full retard.”

    So I deleted the tweet to get “privileges” reinstated, and went on to write a full-on rant against the excesses and violations of the “famous” New York Times “economist” Paul Krugman.

    Rasputin and his minions at Twitter seem to be unable to comprehend the subtleties of discourse.

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