Havering Joe Sestak Pulls Vids

Havering Joe Sestak Pulls Vids
He can be the man who is havering next to you.

More bad news for Admiral Joe Sestak. Joe has had to pull the videos of his recent Pennsylvania walking tour in his “military grade boots” because he used “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” from the Scottish band The Proclaimers without their permission.

And this is a shame because it kind of fits him. He is, afterall, the man who is havering onto us.

Joe, did you try offering them $1.78 per hour to use the song?

We will help him out. As we are not running a political campaign i.e. seeking to spend your money as we see fit, we can show you what Joe wanted you to see.

Havering Joe Sestak Pulls Vids


2 thoughts on “Havering Joe Sestak Pulls Vids”

  1. Did he think he could use some one else’s property for free?
    Oh,wait.I forgot …he’s a liberal and his philosophy is: “you didn’t build that”.In this case:”you didn’t write that music”

  2. You’ve already caused enough damage Joe. Take your pension and go hide someplace. You are a pain in the neck.

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