Imagine Hunter Biden Forgeries And LOL

Imagine Hunter Biden Forgeries And LOL — Here’s a concept that would make a great plot for a British detective episode: A master criminal forges a Hunter Biden painting and sells it on the black market.

Feel free to use. Credit not needed.

OK, I meant Monty Python. Shame it’s still not around.

Imagine Hunter Biden Forgeries And LOL
$500K? It’s a bargain if you are with the PRC and seeking secrets.

One thought on “Imagine Hunter Biden Forgeries And LOL”

  1. It’s an excellent bargain, if he keeps on with art instead of messing around in international business in ways that even if not technically illegal, have terrible optics. His art appears to be a sincere effort, not a scam, even if a lot of us, myself included, “don’t get it”. There’s plenty of worse stuff hanging in museums.

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