Kathleen Kane And Media Failure

Kathleen Kane And Media FailureKathleen Kane And Media Failure — Kathleen Kane is an historic figure. She is the first woman and the first Democrat to be elected Pennsylvania’s attorney general. She is also the first Pennsylvania attorney general to have her law license suspended.

Truly a unique legacy.

The law license suspension came after she was charged with multiple counts of obstructing administration of law  and official oppression, along with perjury and false swearing relating to leaks from the grand jury investigation  the Jerry Sandusky child abuse matter.  She had been implying that then Gov. Tom Corbett had handled it inappropriately, something for which Corbett has since been conclusively exonerated it should be noted.

Leaking grand jury information is a big no-no in our judicial system and rightfully so, but it’s not as though that was the only questionable thing she did in her short career as the person responsible for enforcing Pennsylvania’s laws. She refused to refused to defend Pennsylvania’s gay-marriage prohibition in court declaring it unconstitutional — a declaration that was not in her purview to make — and shut down a corruption investigation into Philadelphia politicians which was subsequently re-opened by Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams who managed to obtain several guilty pleas.

With all this grief falling on her head, our princess fought back. She said it was all a conspiracy by powerful men who spent their days sending pornography and racist jokes to each other via email. Quick quiz: did any of you gentle readers ever send or receive something a tad inappropriate via email? Of course not. However, it now appears that Ms. Kane certainly received them herself and her twin sister, Ellen Granahan, who heads her child predator unit, not only got them but passed them on.

So what was this woman thinking when she made her counter-charges and  hurt the lives of others who were just trying to do their jobs? How can a person of such character end up with such a powerful and important job?

Well, she was sort of pretty and that’s not to be discounted, but so is Sarah Palin.

The real reason is that Ms. Kane’s claims and character were never questioned by the media gate-keepers who we trust to do such things. Maybe they were afraid of being called sexist. Maybe they actually supported her philosophy that traditions are foolish and government is the greater good. Maybe both. Regardless, they  took her at her word when she said that she cared, and would look out for children and the little guy, and fight corruption.

It should be noted that the same thing dynamics were in play with Barack Obama and are in play with Hillary Clinton.

That should make us all afraid.

Kathleen Kane And Media Failure

3 thoughts on “Kathleen Kane And Media Failure”

  1. “She is the first woman and the first Democrat”

    And THOSE are her only qualifications. A Democrat with a vagina. That’s how she got elected.

    And yes, we should be afraid, not only that the media doesn’t vet candidates who fit their template and worldview. We should be afraid that there aren’t enough people who cast ballots, who think these things through enough to recognize all of this.

  2. Does anyone know why.the mayor of Allentown, Sheriff,Kathy Kane all Board members are not prosecuted under the RICO
    STATUE by FBI.for corruption and obstruction of Justice based on Evidence at congressional offices an
    OSC. they don’t have Sovereign Immunity under RICO ?It’s called to my attention that developers have received kickbacks for contact awards.One official on board in Allentown under mayor Ed Powaski
    Admits wiring our tax money in and out of account plead guilty and the developers, are fast to transfer assets to family to avoid capture. TY.

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