Liquor Freedom For Pennsylvania Looms

Liquor Freedom For Pennsylvania Looms
That’s right, Pennsylvanians. You will no longer have to hide your head in shame here.

Liquor Freedom For Pennsylvania Looms — Soon Pennsylvanians won’t have to sneak through the back roads on the way home from Delaware to avoid traps by minions of the Liquor Control Board.

HB 1196, which  continues the reforms to the Keystone State’s booze laws, has overwhelmingly passed the state House and Senate is ready for Gov. Wolf’s expected signature.

The most significant section of the law decriminalizes buying liquor out of state. Our reading of the bill indicates that the  fines of $10 per bottle or can of beer and $25 per container of wine or liquor for bringing booze across the border remain in effect but the alcohol is returned to the buyer if he pays the appropriate taxes.

Further the bill states Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit any resident of this commonwealth not licensed under this act to purchase liquor outside of this commonwealth so long as the resident pays all state taxes on the liquor to the department of revenue and the liquor is not shipped into this commonwealth.

Take that for what you will.

 Wallace McKelvey has a good, comprehensive story about the law at

Oh, and under the law mead is now defined and regulated. Tough break Beowulf.

Liquor Freedom For Pennsylvania Looms


3 thoughts on “Liquor Freedom For Pennsylvania Looms”

  1. Somebody must have paid somebody off! I can’t picture our solons in Harrisburg caving in to the wishes of their constituents. The liquor store union must have not have used or had enough muscle.Now if the voters could find a way to overpower the teachers’ union.
    Oh please give us term limits.
    Oh dear Lord make the Harrisburg hogs honest.
    I know that’s asking too much, but I’ll ask anyway.

    Mead,by the way, is an alcoholic drink of fermented honey and water.

  2. Liquor privatization could have been passed (real reform) when Corbett was in office. Now they are throwing us some crumbs and expect us to be happy.

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