Lisa Esler Sans Regrets

By Joseph B. Dychala Lisa Esler Sans Regrets

No regrets.

The past month has been tumultuous, the past two days a blur. One lesson I learned a long time ago was significantly reinforced today: no matter how much money, power and influence you may possess, unless you are true to who you are, none of that matters. At all.

I would like to congratulate Leanne Krueger-Braneky on her election to represent the good people of the 161st District. Most importantly her team ran a solid campaign, she was true to her beliefs and ultimately triumphed because she remained true to herself. Politically, philosophically, I would say she and I are polar opposites but at the end of the day we are who we are.

Lisa Esler did something for me that no other person running for office has done in the 25 years I have voted. She gave me the opportunity to cast a ballot for a true conservative. Unwavering in her beliefs, unflinching in her resolve Lisa spoke Truth to power and has given a wayward Republican party a very necessary wake up call. The base didn’t leave the party, the party turned it’s back on the base.

Some pundits will categorize Lisa as the “spoiler”. I fully reject that notion. People would have simply stayed home. I say this with confidence because history shows this to be true. The presidential election of 2012 is but one example that supports this. Personally, if Lisa didn’t throw her hat into the ring Leanne would have had my vote. I would rather vote for someone who I disagree with but is frank about their positions and honest about who they are. Leanne still would have won but with a higher margin, the voters just want someone who says what they mean and mean what they say.

Throughout this election I met some incredible people too numerous to list. Lisa’s volunteers were passionate, well informed, articulate and sincere. I feel I met some people that I will potentially be friends with for a lifetime. I learned a lot, I especially learned a lot about myself and what I truly believe.

I want to thank everyone who helped Lisa by volunteering their time, treasure and talents and especially the folks who voted for her.

Mr. Dychala was active in Mrs. Esler’s campaign.

Lisa Esler Sans Regrets

13 thoughts on “Lisa Esler Sans Regrets”

  1. I echo everything Mr. Dychala says in this writing, EXCEPT… I would have stayed home rather than vote for someone whose political beliefs differ so considerably from mine. I DO, however, agree with his positive comments with regard to Kreuger Braneky….”she was true to her beliefs and ultimately triumphed because she remained true to herself. ” Congratulations and thank you to Lisa Esler who has put the Delco “Republicans” on notice that their political maneuverings will no longer be tolerated in Delaware County.

  2. I hope the GOP “base” is not reflected in the paltry write-in numbers generated yesterday; the author’s absence of regret may not be shared by the bulk of Republicans.

      1. Then perhaps elitist scorn is misdirected at the overwhelming majority of the target audience.

    1. To dismiss 10 percent of those who would certainly come out to vote for you is not very smart politics.

      More significantly though is that you are ignoring those who didn’t come out at all.

      The vote for Mullen fell about 66 percent from what Hackett got last November dropping from 12,612 to 4,268. The vote for Leanne fell just 52 percent from what she got last November 9,916 to 4,791.. If Mullen’s tally fell in the same proportion as Leanne’s AFTER SUBTRACTING THE 988 WRITE IN VOTES he would have ended up with a total of 5,614 and easily won.

        1. The GOP figured the turnout would be low but the proportions would be the same for both parties if not better concerning Republicans.

          They picked a very bad candidate. If one wishes one can complain about those who objected to the candidate either by staying home or casting a write in. In our view, though, it is far more productive to question the wisdom of the leaders who picked the bad candidate.

          He hid from debates and made the county chairman speculate as to what his positions might be on talk radio shows. How can one defend such a choice?

  3. Lisa Esler summed it up just right: “If the Republican Party had supported a Republican, the outcome would have been different.” And I’d like to add that none of us volunteers for Lisa were or are “elitist.” Unlike the Mullen folks who strutted around in suits and ties and harassed me and others, who blocked the poll entrance, forcing voters to go chest to chest with them and be confronted about their vote or not gain entry, who behaved arrogantly and cock-sure. Lisa assembled a group of genuine patriots who love our nation and who refuse to compromise their beliefs for the illusion of success (Paul Mullen is not a Republican by any standard). If we Lisa supporters are elitists, then one must conclude America’s founders and fellow patriots were, too, which obviously they weren’t. They were passionate to get the right political outcome, as are we.

  4. I would hardly blow off almost 1,000 voters considering the power and money that was behind Mullen’s campaign. The only ones responsible for this seat turning over are Andy Reilly, the Delco GOP and the committee people who did their bidding in the selection of a completely inappropriate candidate. Lisa gave the 161st voters an opportunity to vote for a TRUE Republican and almost 1,000 of them did. For every one of the 1,000 who voted how many stayed home? The PA GOP better take notice or the next race will have even heavier consequences.

  5. I react to what I read and, here, it seems that these energies were predictably misdirected; better to include a substantial union electorate under the GOP umbrella than to force it to become soaked.

  6. Please don’t confuse my hypothetical vote against Paul Mullen, the candidate, as a vote “for” the Democrat party or philosophy. We are very grateful Lisa stood up the the machine and did give us a true conservative choice. She spoke Truth to power.

    We can speculate on the outcome had it been only the two endorsed candidates. We can speculate if Lisa had been the endorsed candidate and ran against Leanne in a left vs right scenario. When the votes were counted Paul Mullen was rejected, just as he should have been.

    Leanna says what she means and means what she says. I disagree with many of her positions but at least I know where she stands. If the voters think she does a good job over the next year they will retain her. If the GoP runs another candidate such as Paul Mullen they cannot win.

    This wayward Republican party needs get back on track. Lisa Esler has blazed the trail. Let it be our fervent hope the leadership will recognize this.

  7. What we do in the ballot box is no one’s business but our own. We must vote our conscience, and a “no vote” is also a valid choice on the ballot.

    I believe the exact statement is “I do not want to vote for any candidate or issue”. Imagine if both parties ran two poor candidates and all registered voters cast a ballot but neither candidate received a single vote…

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