Union Kiss Of Death In Delco

Union Kiss Of Death
Paul Mullen (right) working at his union job.

Considering that union boss John Kane handily fell to Tom McGarrigle last November while running as a Democrat, and considering that union boss Paul Mullen lost yesterday in what should have been a Republican gimmee  while running as a Republican, and considering that John Kane endorsed Paul Mullen this race, maybe the leaderships of both parties should figure a union connection is the kiss of death in Delaware County, Pa.

Mullen, FWIW, was not just endorsed by the trades but by the PSEA which is the public teachers union.

The winner of the race Leanne Krueger-Braneky did get the endorsements of  United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776 which represents the state store workers, and the SEIU so don’t expect her to back the necessary reforms anymore than Mullen would have.

She will take the side of the Gary Schultzes of the world rather than the widow on Social Security or the married couple with two kids who just bought a home. She will fight against privatizing the State Store system.

So she is neither a friend of common sense or compassion and will have to be fought herself.

But those of the 161st District can only blame the county and state Republicans that she is their representative.

Union Kiss Of Death In Delco


3 thoughts on “Union Kiss Of Death In Delco”

  1. Blame ultimately lies on the voters for allowing the leadership to constantly put forth unworthy candidate after candidate. But, Andy Reilly left a quote after the election that tells me he won’t admit his wrong doing here in this election contest. Therefore, Andy Reilly must go, and anyone like Reilly- if they cannot come to realize the GOP is a conservative group, not a faction of the liberals.

  2. A beautiful Post Joe.
    It was obviousy heartfelt and summed up my feelings exactly. I can only hope that Lisa will stay active. We really need good people like her.

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