Males Rape More Likely In Military

More than half the victims of sexual assault in the U.S. military are men, according to the Pentagon, and sexual assaults on males occur 38 times  a day in the services.

It should be noted that the perpetrators are invariably other men.

The premise of the gay rights movement is that those who desire same sex are born that way and have no interest in  relations with those who aren’t.

The premise obviously has severe holes. Strangely, pointing them out is harshly discouraged by our information gatekeepers. A young man expressing a concern about this, in fact, will face condemnation for being “homophobic.”

Well, it looks like the phobia has a pretty strong foundation. has a difficult to read article about male rape in the military.  The stories concern incidents before Obama changed the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy against the recommendation of many experts.

And further, most — albeit not all — of the stories concern peer-on-peer assaults rather than intimidation or coercion by commanders, which may be the biggest concern about those who object to the change in policy.

Still the long-accepted myth that is the basis of the gay rights movement should now be considered to be definitively debunked.

Males Rape More Likely In Military


Males Rape More Likely In Military

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