Corbett Says Common Core Will End

Embattled Gov. Tom Corbett released a statement yesterday, Sept. 8, in which he called for public review of the Common Core plan being implemented in Pennsylvania.

“Though Common Core began as a state-led initiative to ensure our public schools met the educational standards needed in the 21st century economy, the process has been overly influenced by the federal government,” Corbett said.  “Common Core has become nothing more than a top-down takeover of the education system.  It is nothing more than Obamacare for education.”

The release says this is the “final phase in his nearly three year effort to permanently roll back” the plan, which it says was implemented by Ed Rendell.


We say better late than never.

We say you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind’s blowing.

And we guess we won’t feel bad about voting for him now.

In other election news, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf has edited out of his ads an endorsement by Washington County (Pa) attorney and former Common Please Court judicial candidate Alan Benyak after it was revealed he appeared as “Mr. Cannibal” in a movie called “Breeding Farm” which has been described as a “twisted porn” film.

There are descriptions of the movie available and of what Benyak does, but we think we will leave them out.

Those crazy Democrats. The entire party should be just put to sleep out of mercy. Mercy for the nation, that is.


Corbett Says Common Core Will End

Corbett Says Common Core Will End

One thought on “Corbett Says Common Core Will End”

  1. LOL Bill! It’s not good to hold back so tell us how your really feel.

    Harrisburg’s inability to enact meaningful reforms has been a huge disappointment. However, I have a clothespin ready to clamp on my nose when I will vote for Tom Corbett in November. Despite the current odds, I hope he wins re-election. Otherwise, the damage to our wallets and the State Constitution (and definitely our students), will be daunting if we allow a “Governor” Wolf to turn PA bright blue.

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