Corbett Wins LOL

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Corbett Wins LOL

Incumbent Gov. Tom Corbet in yesterday’s Republican primary handily beat a guy who was not officially on the ballot and had rejected fundraising.

Where retiree Bob Guzzardi’s name appeared on the ballot due to the lateness of the Supreme Court decision ruling him ineligible, Guzzardi tallied, unofficially,  well over 10 percent of the vote getting  14.46 percent (3,501 votes) in Allegheny County and 17.45 percent  (4,051 votes) in York County.

York County also had 1,410 actual write-ins while Allegheny had 842. Many if not most likely went to Guzzardi.

Where Guzzardi’s name did not appear on the ballot — which included the ring suburbs of Philadelphia — there were, unofficially, 1,199 write-ins in Chester County or 6.91 percent;  and 218 in Delaware County (1 percent).

Montgomery County and Bucks County did not release write-in tallies although the “name removed from ballot” button was hit 38 times in Montco and 135 times in Bucks. The under vote for Corbett in Montco was 6,054.

Corbett got 368,995 votes statewide. His running mate, Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley got 395,845.

We should note that Democrat winner Thomas Wolf got 484,495 votes in the D’s highly contested primary.

Guzzardi deserves only praise. He ran on principle and to give the many Republicans displeased with Tom Corbett  a choice. That the governor feared his candidacy is obvious in the steps he took to disqualify him.

Will the Guzzardi people, many of whom are activists, get behind Corbett this November?

If Corbett changes his position and stops the Common-Core based Pa Core Standards, yes, at least for this one.

If he doesn’t, this vote goes to Libertarian Ken Krawchuk.

A word of advice, Governor, get Peg Luksik’s endorsement.


2 thoughts on “Corbett Wins LOL”

  1. Hey! I like the way Krawchuk thinks! He is going to get my vote.
    The Republicans have had control of the governorship, house and senate. We still have State Stores property taxes, no school vouchers, locking our children into underperforming and dangerous schools. Let’s get these overpaid pigs away from the government trough and term limit them all in November.
    As Ken Krawchuk says, “If you keep on voting the way you’ve been voting you’ll keep on getting what you’ve been getting.”

    1. I’ve been a Republican forever. I “m now thinking Libertarian. Those folks and the Tea Party members have a lot in common.

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