Mitchell Report Implies Christine Ford Lies

Mitchell Report Implies Christine Ford Lies — Rachel Mitchell, the well-experienced sex crimes investigator hired by the Republicans to publicly question Christine Blasey Ford regarding the allegations she has made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, released her report, yesterday, Sept.30.

She all but called her a liar — albeit very respectfully and politely.

“Dr. Ford has not offered a consistent account of when the alleged assault happened,” she said. She noted that in a July 6 text to the Washington Post, Ms. Ford said it happened in the “mid 1980s”; that her July 30 letter to Senator Feinstein said it happened in the “early 80s”, that her Aug. 7 statement to the polygrapher cites one “high school summer in early 80’s” but she crossed out the word “early” for reasons she did not explain.

“While it is common for victims to be uncertain about dates, Dr. Ford failed to explain how she was suddenly able to narrow the time frame to a particular season and particular year,” Ms. Mitchell said.
She said her failure to remember how she got from the party back to her house raises “significant questions.”

“Dr. Ford’s account of the alleged assault has not been corroborated by anyone she identified a shaving attended—including her lifelong friend,” she said.

“Dr. Ford has not offered a consistent account of the alleged assault,” she said explaining — among other things –“that according to her letter to Senator Feinstein, Dr. Ford heard Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge talking to other partygoers downstairs while she was hiding in the bathroom after the alleged assault. But according to her testimony, she could not hear them talking to anyone.”

She said that her testimony regarding recent events “raises further questions about her memory.” [Aside, she’s being polite]

Ms. Mitchell noted that Ms. Ford could not remember if she showed a full or partial set of therapy notes to the Washington Post  reporter and does not remember if she actually had a copy of the notes when she texted the Washington Post WhatsApp account on July 6. She noted that “Dr. Ford could not remember if she was being audio- or video-recorded when she took the polygraph. And she could not remember whether the polygraph occurred the same day as her grandmother’s funeral or the day after her grandmother’s funeral.”

Ms. Mitchell noted that Ms. Ford did not provide any therapy notes to the committee.

Perhaps, the most damning thing Ms. Mitchell pointed out was Ms. Ford’s description of the psychological impact of the event.

“The date of the hearing was delayed because the Committee was informed that her symptoms (caused by the event) prevent her from flying,” Ms. Mitchell said. “But she agreed during her testimony that she flies ‘fairly frequently for [her] hobbies and … work.’ She flies to the mid-Atlantic at least once a year to visit her family. She has flown to Hawaii, French Polynesia, and Costa Rica. She also flew to Washington, D.C. for the hearing.”

Ms. Mitchell makes several other points and provides many more details in her report which can be found at this link or on clicking the images below.

Mitchell Report Implies Christine Ford Lies



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