More Kudos For Pat Meehan

Freshman Congressman Pat Meehan  (R-Pa7) used the skills he honed as the Delaware County District Attorney who convicted John duPont and the U.S. Attorney who took down State Senator Vince Fumo to get a  hapless ATF bureaucrat to fess up that a whole lot of federal agencies were involved in a convoluted scheme to smuggle guns to Mexican drug cartels in the name of law enforcement.

The bureaucrat was William Newell who was the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives’ special agent in charge of  Operation Fast and Furious which began in  October 2009 on the watch of Attorney General Eric Holder.

He told Meehan during a congressional hearing, Tuesday, July 26, that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, the Drug Enforcement Agency,  the Internal Revenue Service, and the FBI all knew about it.

At least the Washington bureaucrats who run those agencies.

Fast and Furious was allegedly a ‘sting’ operation in which the feds twisted the arms of gun dealers in Arizona to sell 1,800 firearms — most of which were AK-47 style semi-automatic rifles — to straw buyers for the drug cartels and which were allowed over the border to Mexico without the knowledge of the Mexican government or even U.S. agents in that country.

Newell could not explain how the United States would prosecute those drug cartel bosses in whose hands the weapons wound up.

It would be fodder for a sitcom except that a lot of innocent people were killed by those guns including U.S. law enforcement officers.

The Mexican government is not happy.

Some are saying that the real motivation behind Operation Fast and Furious was to make gun dealers and Second Amendment defenders look bad which would plough the ground for stricter gun control.

You are not paranoid if they really are out to get you.

Quick question: have you read about Meehan’s performance in any of his hometown media?


More Kudos For Pat Meehan

4 thoughts on “More Kudos For Pat Meehan”

  1. “Quick question: have you read about Meehan’s performance in any of his hometown media?”

    All I ever see about Congressman Pat Meehan are the criticisms written by left-wing editorial writers and serial callers to the Daily Times.
    They still love Bob Edgar and Joe Sestak.

  2. The left misses Sestak and Lentz so the long knives are out early to discredit Pat Meehan in the hope of winning the seat back for the Democrats. There was another protest rally today in front of his office – but were met by a sizable group of Republicans and members from local Tea Party groups. Pat may not be 100% conservative but he votes our way about 80% of the time. I’ll take that over Sestak’s 0% any day of the week.

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