One-Leg Lifespan Test

One-Leg Lifespan Test — Dr. Robert Malone cites a study that says if a middle-aged person can stand on one-leg for 10 seconds the risk of dying over a median period of seven years is significantly less than those who can’t.

Balance quickly diminishes in the mid-50s, which means the likelihood of falls increases.

Malone also cites another study that shows the maximum association of exercise to lower mortality was achieved by performing between 150 to 300 minutes/week (2.5 hours) of vigorous physical activity or 300 to 600 minutes per week (5 to 10 hours) of moderate physical activity – or some “equivalent” combination of both.

That’s not as hard as it sounds. It basically means walking 2.5 miles per day. Still can’t do that? Any increase in exercise is a good thing. Start with small bites and you might surprise yourself.

MedicOne-Leg Lifespan Test
One-Leg Lifespan Test

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