Open Letter To Pat Meehan

An open letter to Pat Meehan. Resident writes open letter to Pat Meehan. This is Joe Dychala's open letter to Pat Meehan.
Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Pa7) at the Independence Hall Foundation’s (formerly Independence Hall Tea Party) Pro Blue Rally in January.

This is an  open letter from  Joseph B. Dychala, a resident of the vacant Pennsylvania’s 161st State House District, to Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Pa7) regarding the congressman’s endorsement of long-time Democrat-supporter Paul Mullen in the special election to fill the seat. Mullin’s Republican opponent is write-in candidate Lisa Esler, a Penn Delco school director and a traditional Republican.

Dear Congressman Meehan:

Your endorsement of Paul Mullen is indicative of everything that is wrong with the Republican party today.

Instead of inserting yourself into this local election you should be standing shoulder to shoulder with like minded representatives in the United States House who truly do represent real Republican values such as limited central government, low taxes and a strong national defense. Trey Gowdy, Louie Gohmert and Mia Love are those people.

We have very serious issues facing our country and our world, in President Barack Hussein Obama’s massive and unprecedented transformation of our great nation, that you were elected to help solve. Instead you feel it prudent to involve yourself in an election that We the people, the citizens of the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania should have the right to elect our local officials without interference from those who are elected to represent us on the national level.

I would firmly yet politely ask you to seriously and publicly reconsider your endorsement of Paul Mullen. Mr Mullen actively and personally campaigned against Senator Pat Toomey by endorsing, both professionally and personally, his opponent Joe Sestak. If you are going to endorse a candidate in a local election I ask that you obtain all the facts before doing so. Until then sir, and I say this with all respect, I cannot in good conscience cast my vote for your upcoming reelection.

Joseph B Dychala
161st Legislative District, Pennsylvania

Open Letter To Pat Meehan

2 thoughts on “Open Letter To Pat Meehan”

  1. Well stated and what is wrong with BOTH Parties! At some point “We The People” have to speak-out and remind those running that they work for us. Not them and/or the special interest groups. Just my thought!

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