Pa Continues To Top Nation In Teacher Strikes

Obviously, Pennsylvania teachers are not in it “for the children.”

The Keystone State, as always, led the nation in teachers strikes last year with eight matching the ’08-’09 total and up one from ’07-’08. And we are not talking close contests here. More than half the school strikes in the nation occur annually in Pennsylvania.

And for what? The average salary for a Pennsylvania teacher in 2007 was then $54,970 for 190 days work, which was behind six states that prohibited such a child-hating practice.

Gov-elect Corbett has said he might support banning teacher strikes and adopt a mandate for binding arbitration to solve disputes. Binding arbitration for teachers, however, would be against the state Constitution as StopTeacherStrikes.Org clearly points out.

And considering those who would likely do the picking for the arbiters, the problem could conceivably be made worse.

So what to do? It’s not complicated. Teachers acquired their right to strike in 1970 with the passing of Act 195 .

Section 401 reads It shall be lawful for public employees to organize, form, join or assist
in employee organizations or to engage in lawful concerted activities
for the purpose of collective bargaining . . .

Change the first four words to read It shall be unlawful. Repeal articles VI, VII, VIII and IX.

Problem is solved. Taxes drop and schools improve. Win-win for everyone but the child-haters.

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