Turnpike More Expensive, Less Convenient

Reader Tom C points out more bureaucratic stupidity with the removal of exit prices from Pennsylvania Turnpike toll tickets. It’s a cost saving move just in case the noble and dedicated public servants who staff the Turnpike Commission decide to jack up prices again.

What this means is that more people are going to be waiting for change at toll booths as they will be far less likely to have it the exact fare ready.

Pa.’s toll prices are rising 10 percent for ticket users and 3 percent for E-ZPass users this Jan. 1.

To really save overhead how about we just turn the roads into freeways? Traffic flow will improve, energy will be saved, transportation will become cheaper and the Port of Philadelphia will become more competitive which will mean more jobs and foreign revenue.

Well, more productive jobs anyway. I guess one has to say that paying people to sit and booths and snarl traffic is a job, and of course they will no longer be there.

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