Pension Deal Fails Endangering Budget

Pension Deal Fails Endangering Budget
Ego-driven irresponsibility

Pension Deal Fails — has reported that a pension reform plan that was integral part of a deal for Pennsylvania to finally pass a budget Gov. Wolf would be willing to sign has failed.

The vote in the Pennsylvania House was 149-52 against. The Senate was demanding the reform to agree to significant tax hikes sought by Wolf.

The state’s pension system is horribly underfunded and the  reform sought — moving FUTURE  state government and school employees into a pension system that combined a down-sized guaranteed benefit plan with a 401(k)-style plan — was extremely mild but still a necessary step in the right direction.

The legislature passed a budget in June which was vetoed by Wolf. Wolf also vetoed a stopgap budget in September. The man is an epitome of ego-driven irresponsibility.

Pension Deal Fails Endangering Budget

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