Pileggi Mask Comes Off On Pension Reform

Pileggi Mask Comes Off On Pension Reform
A switch by Sen. Dominic Pileggi on pension reform would certainly explain why the PSEA is pushing for him for Delaware County Common Pleas Court judge in the DEMOCRAT Primary.

State Sen. Dominic F. Pileggi is now actively opposing pension reform, we have been told.

The former Majority Leader who represented the 9th District since 2002 had long given lip service to the need but as he is now on the outs and looking for a Common Pleas Court judgeship, the mask has been removed.


Was it sour grapes at those who removed him from power? Or was it a a ploy for the registered Republican to win on the Democrat primary ballot for his judicial race hence obviating a campaign for November? Judicial candidates are allowed to cross file in Pennsylvania.

If the latter, it appears to be effective.  He has gotten a rousing endorsement from the PSEA, the teachers union that is biggest obstacle for real reform. The union is asking Democrats to vote for him.

But does it matter? To fail to see the need for drastic changes to our public pension system is political malpractice at the highest level. It is the very definition of injustice to ask a working class homeowner to ante up another thousand or two so someone can keep a $477,591 public pension.

How can anyone be so callous as to be unwilling to fight this corruption?

Pileggi Mask Comes Off On Pension Reform


One thought on “Pileggi Mask Comes Off On Pension Reform”

  1. It would be a wonderful justice to toss Pileggi out on his face without a pension. He did more to harm this state that any other corrupt politician.

    Pileggi has been against the common folks he is supposed to care for since the get go.

    He practically single-handily kept state liquor stores as monopoly which makes it a crime for his constituents to buy a bottle of wine in Delaware and bring it home for dinner.

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