Pedro Cortes Ignored Gosnell

Gov. Tom Wolf’s nominee for Secretary of the Commonwealth will face the Pennsylvania Senate’s State Government Committee at 11:30 this morning, May 12 and Pedro Cortes has serious baggage. Pedro Cortes Ignored Gosnell

Among the agencies for which the post is responsible is the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs which certifies doctors and makes sure they maintain standards.

Cortes had been Commonwealth Secretary under Gov. Ed Rendell from 2003-2010. He pointedly looked the other way while Kermit Gosnell committed his atrocities despite being fully empowered to step in and stop them. He does not deserve a second chance.

The Delaware County Patriots note that the 9th District’s Dominic F. Pileggi, who represents much of Delco, is the committee’s vice chairman and is expected to be a swing vote. They ask that he be contacted and encourage to deny Cortes a second chance.

He can be reached at 717-787-4712 or by email here.

Pedro Cortes Ignored Gosnell


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