Rebecca Warren Readying Petitions?

Rebecca Warren Readying Petitions? — Happy VALentine’s Day. Rebecca Warren, the popular ex-Montour County D.A., will be circulating petitions to get on the May 21 primary ballot we have been told.

Rebecca Warren Readying Petitions?
Rebecca Warren

Pennsylvania GOP bosses twisted themselves into pretzels to keep her from snaring the party endorsement, Feb. 2.

Their first choice, ex-state representative Kate Harper from Montco, was crushed in regional straw polls so Megan King, a deputy district attorney from Chester County — the bailiwick of state Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio — was drafted as a last minute replacement.

Ms. King participated in only the final straw poll in which she finished dead last.

The suspicion is that Ms King will take directions from the establishment whereas Ms. Warren would not.

Else why keep try to keep her off the ballot?

Two seats are being contested for 10-year terms on the court which is the intermediate appellate court for most matters in the state.

There is no controversy involving the other candidate, Cumberland County Common Pleas Court Judge Christylee Peck, who finished first in the straw polls.

Our birdie tells us that people from around the state have been contacting Ms. Warren asking her to run.

Our birdie has also told us that DiGirogio has been unsuccessfully trying to set up a meeting with Ms. Warren.

Here’s a thought. Stay out of the race and let her run. May the best gal win.

Rebecca Warren Readying Petitions?

One thought on “Rebecca Warren Readying Petitions?”

  1. Rebecca Warren: the only candidate for Superior Court to get signatures for, a true Constitutionalist & conservative, of course unendorsed. We The People decide. It’s Go Time!

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