Superior Court Primary Fight Looming?

Superior Court Primary Fight Looming? — With the last-minute insertion and subsequent endorsement of Megan King into the Pennsylvania Superior Court race, a potential Republican primary battle looms.

Superior Court Primary Fight Looming?
Rebecca Warren, will she primary?

Two seats are being contested for 10-year terms on the court which is the intermediate appellate court for most matters in the state. The primary election is May 21.

Ms. King is a political neophyte. Her only public jobs have been as Chester County deputy district attorney (March 2015 to present), two stints as Lancaster County assistant district attorney, and state Supreme Court law clerk (1998-2001). All are unelected positions.

Anyway, the powers-that-be in the GOP drafted her after party choice Kate Harper was crushed in the state caucus straw polls losing handily to   Cumberland County Common Pleas Court Judge Christylee Peck and former Montour County District Attorney Rebecca Warren.

On Saturday, she along with straw poll winner Peck were endorsed by the GOP State Committee. GOP politics just repeats itself over and over in this state. We’ll let someone else point out the Groundhog Day irony.

The suspicion is that Ms. King will be a good girl and do as she is told by special interests — that’s you Stradley Ronon.  Why else would Ms. Warren, who finished a solid second in the straw poll, be pushed out? Why else would state representatives and congressmen and Matt Brouillette twist arms hard for Ms. King?

Could it be that they fear Ms. Warren would not be a good girl?

Anyway, a little birdie told us that Ms. Warren was given the opportunity to address the committee after the vote on the condition she not enter the primary. She declined. She was reportedly overheard to say “I guess we will have to see what happens in May.”

Superior Court Primary Fight Looming?

6 thoughts on “Superior Court Primary Fight Looming?”

  1. Already have Rebecca Warren’s email address and plan on circulating her petition in Allegheny County starting Feb 19. Will be interesting when I go to local committees how many will sign only Val’s choices sarc

  2. I’m told that the State Committee members supported Megan King because she had been recommended by the PA Bar Association, whereas Rebecca Warren didn’t even go through the process … perhaps because, a few years ago when she did, she was Not Recommended.

  3. Rebecca Warren is a classic high quality grass roots candidate up against a corrupt political machine pushing zeroes. PA Bar Association? Who are they? A special interest group, a bunch of establishment liberals who probably think her principled constitutionalist views are silly (they think taking money and playing political footsie is ‘maturity’ and ‘highly qualified ‘). She is by far the most qualified candidate and she has my vote. And gosh do I freakin hate the Republican establishment. Hate. I’m no commie Dem, but I really do despise the corrupt GOPe.

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