Rendell Vetos Castle Doctrine

As expected, Gov. Ed Rendell today vetoed HB 1926 , a bill which would have greatly expanded the grounds on which one could used deadly force to defend oneself. The bill would have ended significant requirements to retreat from a potential assailant before employing protective force and would  have expanded the “Castle Doctrine”  to matters outside the home and workplace.

The Castle Doctrine, as specifically described in HB 1926, is a “Common Law doctrine of ancient origins which declares that a home is a person’s castle.”

The bill passed the State House 61-35 and the State Senate 45-4 which are easily enough to overturn a veto. The legislative session, however, has ended for the year and so the bill will have to be introduced in the next one. Incoming Gov. Tom Corbett is expected to be willing to sign such a bill.

Rendell also vetoed HB 1231, which
would define cancer as an occupational disease for firefighters making
it easier for them to get workers’ compensation. He also vetoed a bill that would have restricted public access to autopsy reports.


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