Revenue Way Off In Pa. As Obamanomics Grinds Its Heel

Obamanomics continues to take its toll on Pennsylvania as the nation continues to suffer through the Great Dempression.

The Keystone State collected $3.9 billion in general fund revenue in March which was $243 million less than anticipated.
Year-to-date collections are $19.9 billion, which is $719.6 million, or
3.5 percent, below estimate, the state Revenue Department said April 2.

The sales tax brought in $569 million for March or $50.9 million less than expected. Sales tax receipts for the year are $5.9 billion which is $316.2 million off estimates.  State officials said the snow kept people inside in February,
meaning they spent less money. 

Personal income tax revenue for march was actually $57.7 million more than expected coming in at $811.9 million. Could it be that all the unemployed had time to do their income tax earlier? Ah, that was just being mean. Year-to-date personal income tax collections are at $6.8 billion which is $135.9 million less than hoped.

Corporate taxes in March were $264.2 billion off estimate coming in at $2.3 billion. Year-to-date collections are at $3.5 billion which is $283.2 million — or 7.5 percent — off estimate.

You can say people aren’t dying to pay their taxes here. Inheritance tax collections for March were $68.2 million or $5.1 million below estimate. YTD is $545.7 million or $13 million below estimate.

So how are we going to pay for all that looming pension pain? or that $1.2 billion in new spending that Gov. Rendell is seeking?

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