Rohrer Gets Bachmann Endorsement

GOP gubernatorial candidate  Sam Rohrer has gained the endorsement of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN6) who has been called the second most dangerous woman in American.

Rohrer, who is  the  representative for the 128th District in the State House and Republican chairman for the House Finance Committee, faces party-endorsed state Attorney General Tom Corbett in the May 18 primary.

Mrs. Bachmann met Rohrer in 1998 when Rohrer went to Minnesota to describe federal mandates regarding schools. She says it was he who inspired her to run for office as a state senator.

Rohrer will speak 7 p.m., April 5 at West Chester Christian School, 1237 Paoli Pike.

It won’t be the most entertaining night of your life but it will certainly be educational and it’s education you should quickly acquire unless it is your desire to live in poverty and servitude.

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