Ron Johnson Illegal Immigration Vote

Ron Johnson Illegal Immigration Vote — Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has explained why he was one of the 32 nay votes for the 1,187 “comprehensive immigration reform” bill (S. 744) that passed his chamber, June 27.


“My bottom line in deciding whether or not I support this bill has always been that it must solve the problem. Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that it will not.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reaches this same conclusion in its evaluation of the underlying bill, finding that the bill will only reduce illegal immigration by 25 percent.  That means an estimated 7.5 million more illegal immigrants will come to this country by 2033, recreating the uncertainty and fear in the next generation of children whose parents decide to come here illegally or overstay their visas.

“It’s not surprising that CBO reached this conclusion when you look at the amount of money we are spending on safety net benefits and other costs associated with this bill.  CBO estimates that the bill will increase federal direct spending by $262 billion over the next 10 years.  Most of those outlays would be for increases in refundable tax credits and in spending on health care programs for non U.S. citizens.  That is why I introduced an amendment to prevent noncitizens from accessing the Earned Income Tax Credit.  This amendment did not even get a vote, despite that fact that a recent National Journal poll found that 77 percent of all Americans oppose making newly legalized immigrants ‘eligible for government benefits . . . before they become citizens.’


Johnson noted that he is not against reform and that there were things he liked in the bill such as the way it would have replaced ” the H-2A agriculture visa that has not worked with a much more workable system, ”

Give him credit or reading the stupid thing which is more than I would have done as the assumption is safe to make that 1,187 page pieces of legislation are intrinsically corrupt  and should be automatically rejected.

With regard to the Pennsylvania contingent, Bob Casey, the Democrat, voted aye as expected as he is a good little mindless pawn for puppeteers who run things in D.C. while Pat Toomey, the Republican, voted nay.

All the nays were cast by Republicans albeit 14 members of the GOP voted for the bill.

Here is the roll call.

The bill now goes to the House where all thinking people must pressure their congressman to kill it.

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Ron Johnson Illegal Immigration Vote

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