Sad News For Bad Dog

Sad News Bad Dog Sad News For Mascot Peewee
The world famous bad dog.

Sad News Bad Dog — We just received some bad news. Our world famous bad dog mascot Peewee has cancer.

The vets give him about eight months and say it will be generally pain free with medication.

We intend to make them a pretty good eight months. As bad as he is — destroying rugs, attacking shoes, escaping from a cheap motel in Virginia, urinating on one’s leg when one doesn’t feed him turkey as fast as he feels one should at the Thanksgiving table — he is still easy to love.

We’d like to thank Dr. Kathryne Daniel at 4 Paws Veterinary Clinic in Springfield for the compassionate and wise advice which she has provided.

Yes, Peewee  is world famous.

Sad News Bad Dog

3 thoughts on “Sad News For Bad Dog”

  1. Peewee will be sorely missed and I promise you he will be even more spoiled during the time he has left. He was very much loved. Hopefully he will find companionship in heaven.
    Meanwhile I intend to enjoy being with him for the time he has left.

  2. Words from “Old Shep”

    As the years fast did roll
    Old Pee Wee he grew old
    His eyes were fast growing dim
    And one day the doctor looked at me and said
    I can do no more for your dog’

    I know how you feel. It happened to me in the past.

  3. Thinking of you and knowing the PeeWee is in the greatest hands. I remember meeting PeeWee when he was walking with you and your Mom near Springfield Opticians. Enjoy your wonderful PeeWee!

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