School Tax Hikes Are Mostly State Mandated

School Tax Hikes Are Mostly State Mandated
Lisa Esler wants to end the state-mandated school tax hikes.

A letter from an Aston GOP committeewoman in yesterday’s (July 30) Delaware County Daily Times blasted Lisa Esler, the Republican running a write-in campaign for the vacant 161st District Pennsylvania House seat, for being part of a school board that raised taxes in each of the last three years.

It ought to be noted that the votes by Penn Delco School Board for the tax hikes were overwhelming.

There is a reason for this. School boards in Pennsylvania are mandated by law to fund numerous things, pay expensive contracted raises to people who can negotiate without the concern of being replaced or removed, and pass a balanced budget.

It is not far off to say it is impossible for a school board not to raise taxes. In fact, you can even say the state legislature has passed the buck to make the boards — that are staffed by unpaid concerned citizens — do the dirty work in imposing unnecessary spending on property owners for the benefit of the lobbyists and special interest that are the true constituents of our political class.

Lisa Esler knows this and is running to change this. If ever-increasing property taxes are your concern she’s the one who should get your vote.

Her opponent, Paul Mullen, the county’s AFL-CIO President, is endorsed by the teacher union which has been the primary obstacle to educational progress in Pennsylvania. Quick quiz how often are bad teachers fired? The PSEA overwhelmingly gives to Democrats. That it is ignoring the D in this race should give one pause.

Further, one of the few issues upon which Mullen has taken a stand concerns his declaration that he will oppose all significant reforms to the underfunded state pension programs that even if instituted will still cause property taxes to explode.

School Tax Hikes Are Mostly State Mandated

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