Tabas Announces Candidacy For PAGOP Chair

Tabas Announces Candidacy For PAGOP Chair –– Respected election-law attorney and political strategist Lawrence Tabas has formally announced his candidacy for PAGOP Chair.

Tabas Announces Candidacy
Lawrence Tabas

“I want you to know that nothing is more important to me in this race than finding a way to bring us together,” he said. “It is the only way we can give President Trump the victory he deserves, restore the health and dignity of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, and start winning elections again. I look forward to working with everyone.”

Tabas is a long-time General Counsel to the State Republican Party. He ran for party chairman in 2017 losing to Val DiGiorgio, who was strongly backed by party insiders, by just two votes in an open ballot election.

DiGiorgio resigned in disgrace Tuesday (June 25) after being caught in a sex scandal.

Tabas Announces Candidacy
Tabas statement announcing his candidacy

“The scandal is one of a series of devastating blows to the Republican Party, which has lacked adequate fundraising and suffered a number of key losses for Governor, State Senate, State House,Congress and the Judiciary,” said the release put out by Tabas.

Tabas Announces Candidacy For PAGOP Chair

2 thoughts on “Tabas Announces Candidacy For PAGOP Chair”

  1. Finally, the chance to restore transparency, intelligence and integrity to the Republican Party in Pennsylvania!

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