All VA Executives Rated High Under Obama

The Department of Veterans Affairs has 470 senior executives. The New York Times reports that every single of them got a “fully successful” or better rating over the last four years.

And this is while data was being manipulated, whistleblowers were being hounded and veterans were dying.

The Obama administration was aware of the problem since at least 2012. It didn’t matter. The bureaucrats happily got their kudos and bonuses.

Last month, Senate Democrats led by Harry Reid with a wink and a nod from the President killed a bill to give the Veterans Affairs secretary the power to fire or demote VA executives for poor performance.

The bureaucrats must be protected as they are the backbone of the new feudal system, one supposes.


All VA Executives Rated High Under Obama

All VA Executives Rated High Under Obama

One thought on “All VA Executives Rated High Under Obama”

  1. Honey Badger wants term limits for all elected officials and that they MUST be treated at VA hospitals for all ailments on a first -come- first -serve basis;

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