Vote Straight Republican In Chesco 2019

Vote Straight Republican In Chesco 2019 — A Chester County activist sent us this with the included link:

On November 5th, it will be imperative for you to come vote.  We are in danger of losing Chester County to the Democrats, so if you don’t want your tax dollars paying for higher property taxes, higher healthcare expenses, sanctuary cities and drug cartels, every vote will be vitally important.*   VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN.  *

The activist also noted that People do not understand that while Donald Trump can be very effective at doing the right things nationally, he needs conservative State and County local offices which will back him up and do the things which support his agenda

We couldn’t agree more.

Vote Straight Republican
Vote All Republican

6 thoughts on “Vote Straight Republican In Chesco 2019”

  1. All they have to do is look at what is going on in Montco. If that doesn’t make them vote Republican, I don’t know what will.

  2. Sorry Bill, but I respectfully disagree.

    First, I will need some help. Which is the Republican candidate –Tweedledee or Tweedledum? Next to impossible to tell them apart. Same mantras, no real difference. And the canard that the Republicans have kept taxes low and Chesco is well run is just that. When you compare Chesco to other counties (I can show you studies), it not well run and low in tax burden.

    Second, the RINOS who run the party have hectored and punished conservatives forever. These pages are filled with examples. Now the party RINOS want and need my vote, tough beans.

    Most important, you have to break some eggs to make an omelette. Jimmy Carter was awful as a President and caused harm. But without the country seeing that we probably never would have had Ronald Reagan elected as President. The pendulum swings. The Chesco Republican Party is no different from the Dems and that is why it is failing (and should fail). To get real good constitutional conservative government we need to break some eggs.

    1. There is not much downside in voting the straight ticket in the off-year general election. Even if it is tweedledum and tweedledee voting for the tweedle that claims to support the issues you do sends a message even if the tweedle is lying through his teeth.

      Granted you might have personal knowledge of a particular candidate’s bad character that changes things, but for the most part your tweedle’s character is not going to be worse than the opposing tweedle.

      What is particularly, shameful, though is when you know beyond doubt that the opposing candidate’s character is horrific but still won’t support his potential replacement because your feelings are hurt or you are trying to play 3D chess like Jethro Bodine. I’m thinking Montco, here, FL.

      Joe Gale and Fred Conner are both far more deserving of a place on the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners than incumbent Democrat Ken Lawrence.

      By the way, the Montco GOP is recommending a vote for both Gale and Conner:

  3. The recommendation is also to vote NO on the so-called Crime Victims Rights amendment being proposed to the PA Constitution. Here’s what has been said about this vote which strips the (rightly or wrongly) Accused of their due process rights of being innocent until proven guilty.

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