Pennsylvania GOP Needs Tabas

Pennsylvania GOP Needs Tabas

By Susan Jane Goldner

Two weeks ago, Val DiGiorgio was exposed — finally. In a matter of days, Pennsylvania politics has a chance for real reform at a time when we are desperate for liberty, truth and justice.

Pennsylvania GOP Needs Tabas
The only sane choice.

Under VD’s sham leadership, I was removed ahead of 2020 for the crime of knowing and NOT accepting their BS and mindless marching orders on Dec. 8, 2018.

We do not live in the USSR, people should question pre-made decisions in backrooms on selected candidates, protest the unethical rigging of our primaries e.g. Commissioner race here in MontCo, and hold our Representatives accountable for their legislative actions.

Since the beginning of my involvement, I have had a somewhat different ideology than the MontCo GOP—and the PA GOP for that matter; their ideology would’ve given us Kasich.

Mine gave us Trump.

We are America First—not their RINO, in-bed-with-globalists, Democrats in disguise “endorsed” candidates. Time to bring back conservatism, past time to bring back Constitutionalism in PA. Time to bring back liberty, justice, and instill power into the hands of the people—not the elitist few.

Ed. Note: A vote will be held Saturday, July 13, to replace the disgraced DiGiorgio as Pennsylvania Republican Party Chair. The leading candidates are Bernadette Comfort and Lawrence Tabas. Ms. Comfort, who had been DiGiorgio’s number two, is now employed at Novak Strategic Advisors which describes itself as a firm that offers comprehensive, strategic government affairs and grassroots solutions to real world business needs. Before that she was executive director of Anne B. Anstine Excellence in Public Service Series. Yes, we think we can fairly say the organization opposes pro life. Tabas has been a Republican activist for 38 years and has served as general counsel of the state Republican Party. In 2016, he saw DiGiorgio for what he is and contested him for state party leadership losing by just two votes after intense pressure from those who see tax money as a means to wealth. Yeah, we want Tabas. Remember we were right about DiGiorgio.

Pennsylvania GOP Needs Tabas

William Barr Epstein Connection

William Barr Epstein Connection — YouTube commentator Amazing Polly has an amazing video (below) concerning the connections of billionaire perv Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein’s first real job was as a calculus/physics teacher at the prestigious Dalton School in Manhattan. It’s were hip types like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Yoko Ono send their kids.

William Barr Epstein Connection

Epstein was hired at age 20 by Headmaster Donald Barr in 1973. Donald Barr is the father of Attorney General William Barr, who just had Epstein arrested.

Barr was forced from his post in 1974 for being too strict and conservative. The school’s progressive board replaced him the next year with hip Gardner Dunnan.

Dunnan, beloved by the they-think-they’re-smart-set, was force to quit in 1997. He has been revealed to be a perv like Epstein.

Polly also found a connection between Epstein and Edgar Bronfman Sr., the billionaire father of Clare Bronfman, who has been in the news — well should have been in the news — for her involvement in the NXIVM sex trafficking cult.

She also pointed out Epstein’s connections to Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Prince Andrew and Chris Tucker, along with noted academics Lawrence Krauss and Steven Pinker, which you might have read about here at least concerning Krauss.

She noted that Epstein was a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Relations, who some think are striving to create a global dictatorship by whatever means necessary.

She says she believes — much as we have said — that President Trump also knew about Epstein’s sick actions but was not involved and did not approve.

We’ll go further and say that President Trump is his enemy. He just had him arrested after all. He wouldn’t have done that if he was “brownstoned”.

You know what “brownstoning” is right?

Polly does go a tad to far for us bringing in the Mossad but her video is worth watching simply for the verifiable connections she does make:

William Barr Epstein Connection

Most fairly distributed thing William W. Lawrence Sr 7-9-19

Most fairly distributed thing William W. Lawrence Sr 7-9-19

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Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: Common sense is the most fairly distributed thing in the world, for each one thinks he is so well-endowed with it that even those who are hardest to satisfy in all other matters are not in the habit of desiring more of it than they already have.
Rene Descartes

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