Pennsylvania GOP Needs Tabas

Pennsylvania GOP Needs Tabas

By Susan Jane Goldner

Two weeks ago, Val DiGiorgio was exposed — finally. In a matter of days, Pennsylvania politics has a chance for real reform at a time when we are desperate for liberty, truth and justice.

Pennsylvania GOP Needs Tabas
The only sane choice.

Under VD’s sham leadership, I was removed ahead of 2020 for the crime of knowing and NOT accepting their BS and mindless marching orders on Dec. 8, 2018.

We do not live in the USSR, people should question pre-made decisions in backrooms on selected candidates, protest the unethical rigging of our primaries e.g. Commissioner race here in MontCo, and hold our Representatives accountable for their legislative actions.

Since the beginning of my involvement, I have had a somewhat different ideology than the MontCo GOP—and the PA GOP for that matter; their ideology would’ve given us Kasich.

Mine gave us Trump.

We are America First—not their RINO, in-bed-with-globalists, Democrats in disguise “endorsed” candidates. Time to bring back conservatism, past time to bring back Constitutionalism in PA. Time to bring back liberty, justice, and instill power into the hands of the people—not the elitist few.

Ed. Note: A vote will be held Saturday, July 13, to replace the disgraced DiGiorgio as Pennsylvania Republican Party Chair. The leading candidates are Bernadette Comfort and Lawrence Tabas. Ms. Comfort, who had been DiGiorgio’s number two, is now employed at Novak Strategic Advisors which describes itself as a firm that offers comprehensive, strategic government affairs and grassroots solutions to real world business needs. Before that she was executive director of Anne B. Anstine Excellence in Public Service Series. Yes, we think we can fairly say the organization opposes pro life. Tabas has been a Republican activist for 38 years and has served as general counsel of the state Republican Party. In 2016, he saw DiGiorgio for what he is and contested him for state party leadership losing by just two votes after intense pressure from those who see tax money as a means to wealth. Yeah, we want Tabas. Remember we were right about DiGiorgio.

Pennsylvania GOP Needs Tabas

6 thoughts on “Pennsylvania GOP Needs Tabas”

  1. We definitely don’t want anyone who has been associated with DiGiorgio. Disgraced behavior aside (and it WAS abominable and STUPID)…the fact is that DiGiorgio did a TERRIBLE job getting Republicans elected in 2018. (He did a GREAT job getting Democrats elected however!) We need a strong Trump supporter in that position for 2020 and contrary to what DiGiorgio SAID, I don’t think he was.

    1. DiGiorgio and Bernadette Comfort PUPPETS of Alan Novak (Lobbyist Lawyer, Chester County Deputy DA, Law Firms at numerous municipalities; Alan Novak and Helen Esbenshade Novak joined Law Firm of William Bill Lamb, Lawyer, DA, 1 term PA Judge with shield of law, newspaper law clerk, services numerous municipalities and public authorities and school intermediate units, Chester County Economic Dev., Chester County Business & Industry, etc., etc., etc., and the PA State GOP/Republican Party. PA State GOP/Republican committee woman Trish Milanese is PUPPET of Novak & Lamb. PS. Novak joined with Rooney (D) Lobbyist. THEIR AGENDA of POWER EVIL ELITIST & assigned OPERATIVES GREED (DA’s,Lawyers, Judges, Courts) RULES all PA originating in Chester County, PA.

  2. Look at the lengthy string of failures and loses the GOP faced in PA under DiGiorgio and the like-minded who preceded him. Electing anyone OTHER THAN Larry Tabas is a CERTAIN LOSS for real Pennsylvanians, and let’s please LOSE the usual labels like “conservative”, “moderate”, etc–they serve no one these days, and hide more than they reveal. Pennsylvania will not “swing” Trump unless the GOP PROVES that it values the honest, hard working, family-oriented men and women–across all economic segments–who live here. Trump staffers, beware the shade being thrown your way. As the PA GOP establishment currently stands, it is as far removed from the populace as it could possibly be AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT. If you value the voters in PA, plan to run your own campaign with no help from the PA GOP establishment if anyone other than Tabas is elected.

  3. Bill and the two comments above are right. Tabas is the only real option. This Ms. Comfort is another DiGiorgio. She is a lobbyist, like DiGiorgio. She is supported by PA RNC Committeman and felon (perjury, mail fraud, racketeering), Bob Asher, just like DiGiorgio was.

    I am seeing a pattern here and it is a pattern that leads to no support for the President and LOSING everything. The same folks and groups that supported DiGiorgio support Comfort. DiGiorgio has the touch Everything he touches turns to Republican losses. Huge losses in the legislature, huge losses in the U.S. House, huge losses for Governor and Senator. Before that, in just a couple of years he was able to take Chester County from solid Republican to solid Dem.

  4. Wow. If you thought DiGiorgio did a bad job with elections it look like Larry Tabas managed to do even worse with the 2020 election. Something like 700,000 extra votes or ballots! Hey Larry! Let’s have a look under the hood…or don’t you want to go there?

  5. As was said, Val D. did an excellent job empowering Ds and that kind of “sea change” has long and far reaching implications, neither easily nor quickly corrected. And do you really think no outside, powerful political forces were at work in 2020, right here in PA? At this point, legislation mandating election integrity is paramount to ensuring that never happens again. If you’re trying to muddy the waters, don’t–our continued existence as anything other than a second-rate, AOC-led banana republic is at stake with such legislation and believe me when I assure you that all else pales in comparison. I find it curious that you’d raise this topic prior to this Fall’s election when some topics CRUCIAL to our freedom and that of our kids are in play, as with Critical Race Theory and Fall school board elections, for example…

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