ZenCity Comes To Delco

ZenCity Comes To Delco — Delaware County Council, last night, Dec. 7, entered a one-year, $199,000 contract with ZenCity Technologies as expected.

The artificial intelligence-based software to be implemented is claimed to give local governments true knowledge about what their communities want rather than having to consider points made by people speaking at their meetings.

Questions for council: “Why do you trust Big Tech?” “Isn’t this a little Orwellian?” “Why can’t you just get out and talk to your neighbors?” “Or people at flea markets?” “Why don’t you find it troubling to discount minority views?” “Isn’t that what this software is supposed to do?” “Discount minority viewpoints?” 

ZenCity Comes To Delco
Delco’s worth fighting for

Many times it is but one person speaking in public that reveals a problem hitherto unknown by most.

And if one person is being treated unjustly that is grounds for action.

We suspect ZenCity isn’t meant to inform our officials but to provide an excuse to ignore the public.

Here are The Flying Burrito Brothers singing about ZenCity. The spelled it differently though.

Hat tip Joy Schwartz of Upper Darby.

ZenCity Comes To Delco

Pennsylvania Election Bright Spots

Pennsylvania Election Bright Spots — Carmela Ciliberti’s latest podcast, from Dec. 5, is a postmortem on the November election in the Keystone State.

She notes that while it appears the Democrats will flip the State House — three unfilled seats in the Pittsburgh area are almost certainly going to go D which will give that party a one-vote advantage — many new Republicans have been elected in both the House and Senate and they are not beholden to the old ways of doing things.

And the GOP still have a 28-22 edge in the Senate losing no seats albeit John Yudichak, the former Independent who represented the 14th District, is being replaced by true-blue D Nick Miller.

Yudichak had been a D but switched to Independent and caucused with the Republicans. He declined to seek re-election after the 14th, which had been centered in Luzerne County, was redistricted to the Lehigh Valley.

Carmela notes that the election also remains uncertified and that 147 petitions for recounts have been filed in 41 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

She notes that Sen. Ryan Aument, the Republican hack from the 36th District in Lancaster County, wants to make recounts harder claiming they are a waste of time and money.

Aument is the Senate’s GOP Caucus Secretary.

Hey Senator, why not ban ballot harvesting and mail-in ballots? Too hard? How about 24/7 ballot dropboxes? You think the solar-powered cameras are good enough security? Let’s look at the log the officer supposedly doing the surveilling keeps. There will obviously be some suspicious behavior recorded if something is watched 24/7 for a month. He is keeping a log right?

Check out Carmela’s podcast here:


She welcomes subscribers.

Pennsylvania Election Bright Spots
Pennsylvania Election Bright Spots

Smitten a sleeping enemy William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 12-8-22

Smitten a sleeping enemy William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 12-8-22

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Smitten a sleeping enemy William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 12-8-22Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: A military man can scarcely pride himself on having smitten a sleeping enemy; it is more a matter of shame, simply, for the one smitten.
Isoroku Yamamoto

Smitten a sleeping enemy William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 12-8-22
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