Delco Scrapping Voting Precincts; Getting Spooky Tracking Software

Delco Scrapping Voting Precincts; Getting Spooky Tracking Software — It was worth staying to the end of today’s (Dec. 6) nearly four-hour long budget hearing.

We learned that Delaware County Pa. has a plan to consolidate voting precincts and to contract for a year with ZenCity Technologies for $199,000.

The points were brought up by Joy Schwartz of Upper Darby who implored the county to do neither.

ZenCity uses artificial intelligence and is kind of spooky.

The county says the software service supports “community outreach engagement and data collection to support economic policy development and data-based decision-making.”

The real reason, however, appears to be to give council an excuse to ignore activist who show up at the public meetings. ZenCity’s website actually calls this a feature.

“Today, we know that most input comes from the same group of residents, and that reaching more voices and make meaning out of it all requires enormous effort and constant maintenance,” it says.

Here’s a better idea: Mingle with your constituents. That way you’ll know if the the squeaky wheels really need greasing.

It is likely that ZenCity will allow council to do what it wants regardless of what the citizens wish. How is the public going to know, after all, what the man behind the curtain really said?

Seriously, after last week’s Twitter revelations can one really trust a tech firm?

ZenCity is sold on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace.

Also speaking was former public defender Earl Read who really ripped into former Tinicum police chief and present county detective Robert Lythgoe.

The video will soon be online here. Feel free to skip the first three-and-a-half hours.

In fairness, kudos to council for taking the time with the 41 budget contracts, amendments and purchases.

In other Delco news, the county has been featured on RealClearPennsylvania as the “America’s Ballot Harvesting Capital.”

Delco Scrapping Voting Precincts; Getting Spooky Tracking Software
Veterans Square, Media Pa
Delco Scrapping Voting Precincts; Getting Spooky Tracking Software

The Traveling Man Leaves Harrisburg; Farewell Chris Sainato

The Traveling Man Leaves Harrisburg; Farewell Chris Sainato

By Bob Small

I’m a travelin’ man, I’ve made a lot of stops
All over the states

When Chris Sainato was first elected to the Pennsylvania House in 1994,  his fellow Democrat, the little remembered Harris Wofford, was a sitting  senator.  Chris served 13 more terms until he was defeated a month ago, by Republican political newcomer Marla Gallo Brown.

Sainato’s most notable achievement in 28 years in the State House,was billing the taxpayers $1.8 million in expenses, most of it for travel.

This doesn’t mean that the long-timer bachelor legislator did anything illegal. Although one wonders if any married male or female legislator could travel that much. He went to about 25 out-of-state conferences in addition to his travels throughout Pennsylvania.

And with the party now over — really $1.8 million or so does not equate to 25 trips to conference rooms in places like Des Moines — he bemoans the loss of bipartisanship.

“The Democrats went too far left, and the Republicans went too far right. We were electing members for whom the other side was the enemy, someone you must defeat,” he said.

Sainato has been the primary sponsor on only two of the bills that have become law, as per the Legislative Reference Bureau of Pennsylvania.

The Traveling Man Leaves Harrisburg
Chris Sainato

The 14 municipalities he represents are in Lawrence County (created March 20, 1849, from parts of Beaver and Mercer counties, and named after the flagship of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry which, in turn, was named after naval officer James Lawrence, who died during the War of 1812). Lawrence County is known for being the Fireworks Capital of Pennsylvania and for having the second largest Amish community in Pennsylvania, and is about 250 miles from Harrisburg.

He has a bachelor’s degree in educational social services from Youngstown State. He once got in trouble for a Facebook post wishing his followers a happy “Festivus”.

Sainato’s opponent, 52-year-old opponent Marla Gallo Brown received 13,688 votes, to 12,181 for the incumbent.

Ms. Brown was raised in Edinburgh, PA., and graduated from Gannon College (in Erie) with a bachelor’s degree in communications and marketing. She joined United Parcel Services (UPS), where she rose to become head of its UK Marketing Division in London. After 15 years, she left the company to operate a medical spa in Georgia. She then became a CEO with the Pregnancy Aid Clinic, a non-profit pro-life organization.

She moved from Georgia to Lawrence County in 2018.

She supports charter schools, pro-life politics, and a reduction in gasoline taxes. She opposes the participation in female sports of males who identify as females. For her other positions, see her web site.

The Traveling Man Leaves Harrisburg; Farewell Chris Sainato

Hidey-hidey-hide William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 12-6-22

Hidey-hidey-hide William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 12-6-22

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hidey-hidey-hideAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: You got to hidey-hidey-hide, the Old Man is down the road.
John Fogerty

Happy Birthday Old Man

Hidey-hidey-hide William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 12-6-22