Magnolia Center And Eagle Pass Keystone Town Hall Topics Feb 8

Magnolia Center And Eagle Pass Keystone Town Hall Topics Feb 8 – Texas’ attempt to stop the swarm of illegals coming through Eagle Pass despite opposition from the feckless Biden administration will be a topic of the Feb. 8 Keystone Town Hall, along with the newly opened Magnolia Women’s Center and the lawsuit filed by Pennsylvania legislators against Gov. Josh Shapiro and President Joe Biden regarding unconstitutional changes to the state election system.

It’s starts at 7 p.m. at the Desmond Hotel Amphitheater. The hotel is at 1 liberty Blvd., Malvernn Pa. 19355. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Magnolia Center And Eagle Pass Keystone Town Hall Topics Feb 8

Paperboy Love Prince, Agent For Change

Paperboy Love Prince, Agent For Change

By Bob Small

Paperboy Love Prince is running a quixotic race for president. He is the founder of Our Food ❤️ (@ourfoodnyc), a food aid service in New York City.

Our Food has distributed over $4 million worth of free food across the five boroughs he claims.

The rapper was also a main part in “launching and filling over 50 community fridges in NYC”, and establishing Tiny Houses NYC.

He got 20 percent of the vote in New York’s 7th District as 2020 congressional candidate. It’s an incredible total for an independent. He has also run for New York mayor.

Rolling Stone featured him concerning the mayoral race:

His plans include “The Utopia Plan includes a guaranteed income for all in the form of a monthly cash or cryptocurrency payment of $2,000: Love Centers where New Yorkers can go to make friends, receive relationship and mental health counseling, childcare and job training”, transforming the NYPD into a love team, and other plans.  

Towards the end of the article, he lists places where some of these proposed changes are already happening  such as Stockton’s Universal Basic Income Experiment Increased …

Cancel Rent? Ithica, N.Y. check!  Ithaca #Cancelrent Bill

Like with many futuristic proposals, not everything will be successful, especially when completed by government but still…

In a Guardian article Paperboy Prince, the pro-love presidential candidate  he said “I’m fighting for centering this country around love, putting it first, being anti-war, and pro-love, and creating love centers around the country,” 

He’s also become friends with Vermin Supreme, another fascinating presidential candidate.

The Prince was born David Porter, Jr., and he comes from generations of churchgoers, including the late Bishop Wilbert S. Mckinley.

Why Do So Many New York Politicians Want Paperboy …

He previously organized regular shows called “Hip Hop Yoga Live”, while an undergrad at the University of Maryland, the concept being “a rap show at Moses’ house.”  To find his music, see MUSIC VIDEOS BY PAPERBOY PRINCE OF THE SUBURBS

See also  Decision NYC: 2021 Mayoral Candidate Paperboy Love ..

Lastly, why doesn’t Pennsylvania have candidates like this?

Paperboy Love Prince, Agent For Change
Would actually be an improvement over Joe

Despotism is a long crime William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 1-31-24

Despotism is a long crime William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 1-31-24

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Despotism is a long crime. Victor Hugo Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing ye to the Lord and bless his name: shew forth his salvation from day to day. PsalmsAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Despotism is a long crime.
Victor Hugo

Visit for discussion on philosophy and science.

Mark Houck Winning Committee Votes

Mark Houck Winning Committee Votes — Mark Houck won the 7th and 10th districts yesterday, Jan. 29, in the battle for GOP endorsement for Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District.

The primary election is April 23.

The district is Bucks County along with eastern Montgomery County.

Incumbent Uniparty Republican Brian Fitzpatrick has held office since 2017.

In previous campaign challenges, Fitzpatrick has practically swept the endorsement races.

Houck won the 7th district 9 to 6 and the 10th district 7 to 2. He lost the 8th district 11 to 10 and the 11th district 20 to 4.

Again, though, the long-time incumbent should be overwhelmingly winning these races.

Something is in the wind.

For details about Houck:

For details about Fitzpatrick:

Mark Houck Winning Committee Votes
Mark Houck at a Doylestown meet and greet, Saturday

Mark Houck Winning Committee Votes

Conference Concerns Autism

Conference Concerns Autism

By Bob Small

Another flyer from the  Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Conference was about the Autism Health Summit scheduled for Feb. 2 and 3 in San Antonio.

It will be streamed live online.

Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids (PERK) is encouraging it be watched. PERK says that because there is no medical cure for autism, many parents turn to biomedical treatments and therapies. Most of these treatments are low-risk, and some have the potential to be life-changing. 

This is not to be confused with any of the “establishment” conferences about autism such as the International Conference on Autism which follows the accepted narratives.

The New York Times article  Autism Prevalence Rises Again, Study Finds implies that there are not more cases of autism but as Professor Catherine Lord of the UCLA Medical School says “I have a feeling there is just more discovery.”

There are a number of issues brought up on Adults with Autism  How to navigate adulthood on the autism spectrum  “As individuals continue to grow and develop . . . what autism looks like in a person, really changes”.  This was from Vanessa Bal, Rutgers University associate professor of psychology.

“For some people, not having an explanation of how to understand themselves is really difficult,” she says. 

Rebecca Faith Quinn, an LA actress with autism said . “A lot of autism experts get so focused on the autism that they forget they are looking at an autistic person, , , , That is a very dehumanizing experience.”  

In summation, adults with autism are very often an ignored population.

For many years when I woke up at seven in the morning for my driving job. I listened to Imus in the Morning once I delivered my charge, and then, after breakfast, driving home.  Imus was controversial and sometimes went way past controversy and ended up apologizing for things he should not have said.

The CHD wrote a  a tribute him for his support of those suffering from autism.

“His commitment to airing all sides of controversial issues became apparent to the autism community in 2005 and 2006 as the   Combating Autism Act  (CAA) was being discussed in Congress. The Act, which was ultimately signed into law by George W. Bush in December of 2006, “

The treatments for autism continue to be controversial.

Conference Concerns Autism

Conference Concerns Autism

Mouth shut William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 1-30-24

Mouth shut William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 1-30-24

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Even a fish wouldn't get caught if he kept his mouth shut. John Quigg Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing ye to the Lord and bless his name: shew forth his salvation from day to day. PsalmsAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Even a fish wouldn’t get caught if he kept his mouth shut.
John Quigg

Patriot Petition Party Is Thursday

Patriot Petition Party Is Thursday — United4Delco is holding a Patriot Petition Party, 6-8 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 1 at Gatsby’s Bar & Grill, 4936 Pennell Road, Aston Pa. 19014.

It’s free but please support Gatsby’s by ordering one of their many beers or a delicious menu item.

For information contact

Patriot Petition Party Is Thursday

Magnolia Founders Explain Why Pregnancy Centers Are Needed

Magnolia Founders Explain Why Pregnancy Centers Are Needed — Magnolia Women’s Center’s open house, Saturday, Jan. 27, let a crowd of 30 hear its founders explain its purpose, and testify about their abortions and inconvenient pregnancies.

The crisis pregnancy center is at 7811 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia. It provides an alternative to abortion for women pregnant and without support.

Executive Director Melissa Aguilera noted that 60 percent of abortions are to women who were pressured into it. She said studies indicate that 80 precent of women would not have chosen abortion if there were alternatives.

Ms. Aguilera said abortions are traumatic. She said she had two at 16 and 19. She’s 50 now.

“I still break down in tears for my babies,” she said.

Dr. Tiffany Schatz, a surgeon, is assisting Ms. Aguilera. Dr. Schatz became pregnant while starting her internship. Abortion was certainly an option but she didn’t consider it. The experience was difficult but she has no regrets, she said.

She was, and remains, married to the father.

She became pregnant a second time after her practice became established but it was clear early that the child would have disabilities. Dr. Schatz said her husband became concerned that he would be able to handle such a child and actually pushed for an abortion. She said no but agreed to put the child up for adoption. To her surprise, her husband vetoed the idea saying nobody could raise the child better than he.

So she is the proud and loving mom of two wonderful boys.

While taking questions from the audience Dr. Schatz noted that trained doctors know they are killing but compartmentalize. She said the life in the womb feels pain at eight weeks. She said that Ob/Gyns are very unlikely to perform abortions albeit progressives in the education field are working hard to change this.

Dr. Schatz warned of taking abortion pills more than a few weeks into the pregnancy as the baby’s body parts can remain inside the woman which could lead to fatal bleeding. With the advent of online access to these pills and telemedicine, emergency room visits from women hemorrhaging have become common.

Dr. Schatz said Magnolia avoids politics and does not prevent women from getting abortions. She pointed out the there are four abortion clinics within 20 minutes of Magnolia.

Both women emphasized the need for money as it will cost about $130,000 per year to run it. The audience was asked to suggest to their churches about making it a fundraising cause.

Magnolia Founders Explain Why Pregnancy Centers Are Needed
Melissa Aguilera at the podium in the auditorium of Fountain of Life Christian Church, which is hosting Magnolia Women’s Center

Ms. Aguilera also tells why she started Magnolia in this video.

Magnolia Founders Explain Why Pregnancy Centers Are Needed

Houck Explains Candidacy At Bucks Meet And Greet

Houck Explains Candidacy At Bucks Meet And Greet — Congressional candidate Mark Houck explained why he was running to a dozen persons at a meet-and-greet petition party at the Doylestown home of Dawn Bancroft.

Houck is seeking to replace incumbent Brian Fritzpatrick as the Republican nominee for Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District. The district is Bucks County and part of eastern Montgomery County.

Fitzpatrick has held office since 2017.

The primary election is April 23.

Houck’s priority is ending lawfare.

Lawfare is the use of the legal system against political opponents while letting supporters break the law at will. Examples would be 22-year sentences for Jan. 6 protestors while dropping all charges from the far more destructive attacks on the White House and its surroundings in the summer of 2020.

Or giving the guy who nearly killed Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) just 30 days albeit that was later extended to seven months with six months home detention.

Or what happened to Houck.

Houck had long worked as a sidewalk councilor outside the Planned Parenthood Elizabeth Blackwell Health Center in Philadelphia and had always taken pains to follow federal and local laws staying 50 feet from the entrance doors. In October 2021, anti-life activist Bruce Love approached Houck’s 12-year-old son and shouted obscenities at him. Houck pushed him away. Love reported an assault to police. Local authorities felt the complaint was spurious and took no action.

Yes, even District Attorney Larry Krasner declined to press charges.

So the Biden “Justice” Department got involved and charged him with violating the FACE Act — a federal law that makes it a crime to injure, intimidate, or interfere with anyone providing abortion services.

Houck’s attorney asked for a time and place for Houck to surrender himself.

What happened next was something one would think could never happen in America.

At about 6:30 a.m., Sept. 23, 2022, FBI agents in helmets, body armor and carrying assault rifles descended on the Houck family’s rural Kintnersville home. There was loud banging on the front door and the bell ringing insistently. Houck asked who it was. FBI came the answer and Houck was ordered to open up. He could not see who they were, it should be noted.

Wonder if our brilliant feds considered how criminals can use this ploy for a home invasion. It would certainly make it less likely for a thug to have to face a homeowner with a gun.

Anyway, Houck told him he had seven babies in the house which might have been a bit of a fib as his kids were past the infant stage. It calmed down the lawmen, though, and he let them in.

His wife, Ryan-Marie, at this point was on the scene. The feds were pointing their guns at Houck and the children. Ryan-Marie demanded to see a warrant. The feds told her they didn’t need one. Houck who was in a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops asked if he could put on some clothes.

The request was refused. Houck was handcuffed in front of his kids and hauled away.

Houck said he was shackled with a belly belt and chained to a table for six hours before being released on his own recognizance.

He expected to be offered a plea deal. His attorneys, however, told them that was unlikely as the feds win 98 precent of their trials. It’s the accused that asks for the plea bargain, his attorneys said.

Houck was looking at an 11 year sentence plus fines.

Houck declined to seek a deal. As trial date approached, however, the feds shockingly offered one calling for no prison time or fines. His attorneys urged Houck to accept but he refused.

They said to talk to his wife and he agreed.

Ryan-Marie said he could take the deal but if he did he couldn’t come back.

They prayed about it. Taking the deal would set a precedent that would weaken free speech for all Americans, they realized.

Houck was going to trial.

The jury was picked. Many, if not most, had been supportive in some way of Planned Parenthood.

The trial ended Jan. 30, 2023. The jury had deliberated for but an hour before declaring not guilty.

It’s a time of miracles.

Houck was then approached by parties asking him to take on Fitzpatrick who votes with the Democrats 70 percent of the time.

He prayed about it and decided to.

Believe it or not, he’s getting support from Bucks GOP committee people. Fitzpatrick is still getting most of it but he shouldn’t be cocky.

Houck’s second issue is immigration. He said Fitzpatrick had ignored it until just a few weeks ago when Speaker Mike Johnson convinced him to visit Eagle Pass, Texas to see the crisis for himself.

Houck says that 10 improvised explosive devices have been found near the border. What about the ones that haven’t been found?

Whatever, could they be used for?

Some former high-ranking FBI agents have an idea.

Houck notes that the most immigrants that could be reasonably vetted in a year — in other words enter legally — is 500,000.

That’s about as many as came across just in the last two months.

Neither Fitzpatrick nor the Democrat seem motivated to deal with the crisis.

Regarding abortion, Houck says he will back any bill that saves lives even those including exceptions for rape, incest and life-of-the-mother.

Houck Explains Candidacy At Bucks Meet And Greet