Corbett Gas Tax Passes House

The Pennsylvania consumer took a wicked shot to the gut yesterday, Nov. 19, when an amendment by State Rep. Nick Micozzie (R-163) caused the State House to switch directions and pass  a $2.3 billion transportation bill that will raise the state gas tax and other motor vehicle cost such as vehicle registration fees. Corbett Gas Tax Passes House

The bill uncaps the oil franchise tax will will raise the price at the pump 28 cents over five years albeit the Delaware County Daily Times is reporting that the Micozzie amendment ends the 12 cent retail pump tax that would ease the pain to a 16 cent hike.

Miccozie amendment also raises the limit for the prevailing wage mandate from $25,000 to $100,000, an almost trivial reform despite the ire of the union demonstrators picketing his in Clifton Heights and Upper Darby yesterday.  The new standard would have only affected 17 jobs in the state last year, mostly municipal projects in rural areas. The prevailing wage mandate adds about 20 percent to the cost of construction projects.  It should be noted that the $25,000 limit had not been changed since the law was passed in 1961. With inflation, $25,000 then would be about $180,000 today.

Thanks for little, Nick.

The plan calls for spending $1.65 billion on highways and bridges, $497 million on mass transit and $144 million on “multi-modal” transportation.

The entire Delaware County contingent voted for the bill — except for Steve Barrar (R-160). Thank you, Steve.

The bill, SB1,  now goes back to the Senate — which passed the original 45-5 on June 5 — to consider the House changes. After they approve it again, it will be signed by Gov. Corbett who has made this monstrosity his signature legislation.

Here’s a final thought if the spending was going to be primarily funded by a 28 cent gas tax hike and  Miccozie’s amendment cuts this by 12 cents by ending the retail pump tax as the Daily Times reported, where is the money going to come from to fund this project the scope of which does not seem to have changed?

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Corbett Gas Tax Passes House


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