House Saves Pennsylvania

The GOP-controlled Pennsylvania House, yesterday, Nov. 18,  rejected, 103-98, a $2.3 billion “transportation” bill that would have given the state the highest gasoline tax in the nation.

The 103 compassionate legislators who killed it understood that the citizens of this state are hurting and just can’t have any more taken from them whether it be from taxes or mandates or just general crony capitalist greed.

It would have also increased other things such as vehicle registration fees and turnpike tolls.

The plan was strongly supported by Republican Gov. Tom Corbett and the Republican-controlled Senate. There was no Democrat opposition to it. The only bulwark against it was the Republicans in the House. It held.

Thank you.

The plan called for spending $1.65 billion on highways and bridges, $497 million on mass transit and $144 million on “multi-modal” transportation.

It should be noted that most if not all the money would have gone to those with connections whether it be prevailing-wage construction work to protected unions or those working for government authorities such as at SEPTA.

Are our highways and bridges really in that bad shape? Well, here’s a thought: vote on each bridge and highway project individually. Sure, it would be more work but it’s not as though our legislators are being paid pocket change.

For those who cry crisis and claim to be supporters of the public good here’s another thought: Demand that these jobs be exempted from the prevailing wage requirements mandate that hikes the cost of construction by 20 percent on the average. Granted, that concerning the highway work federal reform would be required as well but it would be nice to see this start being discussed as proof that those we elect to represent us actually do so — and understand the issue.

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